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Sparad i dina bevakningar. In this thesis, PISA is considered as a specific kind of practice that acts through a certain rationality, which frames how the measurement is constructed and interpreted. Data was constructed by video documentation of collaborative encounters between 21 groups of year-old students and eleven selected items from the PISA scientific literacy assessment. I also conducted a text analysis of selected frameworks and reports produced under the PISA label, analyzing how science and student performance are discursively constructed in these documents.

In this thesis, I examine the similarities and differences between two theoretical approaches: Both are used to explore the embedded assumptions of the PISA scientific literacy assessment. The sociomaterial perspective finds inspiration in science and technology studies, and takes a performative stance on scientific practice.

This thesis has been formed as a hybrid of a compilation thesis and a monograph. It comprises three articles in English, published or still in the process of publication.

The measured knowledge in and about science in PISA are based on onto-epistemological assumptions that are connected to science traditions which are mainly monologistic and representational, whereas this thesis proposes a dialogistic and performative stance.

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Easy to use vacuum controls provide excellent sample flow control, leading to reproducible, reliable extraction conditions. This manifold is ideal when processing well SPE, supported liquid extraction or protein precipitation plates either manually or with an automated liquid handling system. Prior to elution of extracted aqueous sample with water immiscible solvents, it is often necessary to dry the SPE column sorbent bed.

The VacMaster drying adaptor directs a stream of gas efficiently onto the column, significantly improving drying times compared to vacuum aspirated air flow. In addition, the coarse and fine gas flow control allow the drying adaptor to be used for elution solvent evaporation after extraction. PTFE tubing is placed into the sample container, and held in place with a tubing clip. The other end of the tubing is fitted to the SPE column with a suitable adaptor. When Vacuum is applied, the sample is drawn up through the inert tubing path, and through the SPE column.

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  • sysselsättning utan omvägen över högre priser. För det fjärde har arbetslösheten kommit att bli den kanske viktigaste förklaringen till att inkomstfördelningen har.

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Pris for samspel

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Pris for samspel

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