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The theme for was connecting girls, inspiring futures. This year we are pleased to announce that URI is launching its new Women s Initiative in three regions a program that has been a long time in the making, with strong advocacy from a host 27 aring ny utrikesminister URI women leaders.

There are obvious reasons to build "27 aring ny utrikesminister" the momentum and strength of the women-focused and led Cooperation Circles in URI s global network, since they work on women s rights and economic empowerment, as well as the education of girls, ending violence against women, the role of women in peace building and more. Despina described the ongoing effort by members of the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative Cooperation Circle to mediate the conflicts over disputed land that have plagued northern Uganda since the end of that country s civil war three years ago.

What struck me was the pain I saw in the faces of the women whose photographs accompanied Despina s report. These are women who lost husbands and brothers in two decades of war who had, on many occasions, been brutally assaulted in the course of that war and who are now struggling to work and raise children on their own. The law says they can own land, but the culture in which they live continues to see them as something less than equal citizens.

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As I saw the suffering, the fear and the determination etched into the faces of those women, I found myself asking: At what point do we, as a global community, decide that these actions are unacceptable? That the rights of women can no longer be ignored? That their bodies can no longer be used as the instruments of war? We live at a time when, in the name of religion, members of the Taliban shoot a year-old Pakistani girl in order to silence her, and Egyptian clerics declare that women who take part in public protests deserve to be raped.

We as members of URI, and as human beings need to act now to let the world know that these actions and attitudes will not stand. Our Women s Initiative is just the first step in that direction, but by supporting the work of brave women at the grassroots to end girl infanticide, to promote economic development, to support women s leadership in 27 aring ny utrikesminister resolution it lights a spark we hope will spread to other regions, and become a beacon of hope to the 27 aring ny utrikesminister world.

I hope that you enjoy this issue of InterAction, and that you will consider supporting this important new work. Women have been the impactful peace agents in the community whether elderly women or young women with a firm determination to spread peace and harmony, said Qutub Jehan Kidwai, Coordinator for India s West Zone and one of the architects of the new initiative. In 27 aring ny utrikesminister conflict, they are the ones who are most vulnerable.

So their dedication to peace work comes naturally. Beginning as a pilot project in the Middle East, India and the Great Lakes Region of Africa -- Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of the Congo -- the URI Women s Initiative will support the work of women confronting issues such as domestic violence, female infanticide, cultures of discrimination and lack of access to education and economic resources by supporting the work of women-led Cooperation Circles.

URI intern Mahaut De Talhouet, a graduate student at Georgetown University, interviewed 20 of URI s women leaders throughout the summer of Her research, which became part of the impetus for the Women s Initiative, catalogued the efforts of women-led CCs throughout the world to take on issues of gender inequality and provide women with the means to transform their lives.

We reached the conclusion that if women really want freedom, they would need to seize their rights, because they will certainly not be handed to them, said Rowaida Mroue, a former Youth Ambassador for URI s Young Leadership Program who now works with the Lebanese Interfaith Initiative CC. Her group has filmed documentaries and organized demonstrations to draw attention to the ways 27 aring ny utrikesminister which Lebanese laws and traditions restrict the rights of women.

Its members also provide information about agriculture, microfinance and health care and have taken a strong stand against domestic violence. There are women who have been banned by 27 aring ny utrikesminister after gathering the courage to speak out, said Mary Kisakye, whose group is part of 27 aring ny utrikesminister Inter-Religious Dialogue Programme CC.

We want to encourage them and offer real help when they face the harsh repercussions. In India, the Ektaan CC helps a group of women work from home, designing, creating and distributing saris and scarves.

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The income they receive allows them to provide for their children and improve their social status. If women are able to work and earn money, they can provide their children with an education, thus avoiding the same problems that they faced as children, said Kaushik Chatterjee, an administrative assistant for Ektaan. These 27 aring ny utrikesminister can change their fate. Throughout the world, the URI Women s Initiative will also act as a clearinghouse of ideas, allowing women 27 aring ny utrikesminister women-led Cooperation Circles in the global network to share success stories, offer solutions to common problems and build friendships across borders.

It will create linkages and support teams, and build the capacity of those groups that require them. We are overrepresented as the victims of wars and other forms of violence perpetrated by men, and vastly underrepresented in the governing bodies that make decisions about war and peace, Ms.

Bali said in a Feb. It is also worth noting that while women often comprise the majority of the faithful in religious communities, men most often hold the power. As a woman, I am keen to promote the leadership of women towards a culture of harmony and "27 aring ny utrikesminister," Ms. Let s have the whole human species engaged in making our world a better place for all.

Women Helping Women began its existence in as the Qur an Book Club, a group of 20 female Christian and Muslim residents of the United Arab Emirates where expatriates outnumber native-born Emiratis by roughly 11 to 1 hoping to learn more about the faith and culture of their neighbors.

27 aring ny utrikesminister Dubai is a mixing pot of cultures, there is a great deal of separation and therefore, continued mystery, regarding each other, said founder Trinka Wasik.

Our group is an attempt to bridge those gaps. As friendships within the group deepened, its members turned their attention toward helping those most in need in particular, the Filipina housemaids whose economic and immigration status has left them vulnerable to abuse by their employers.

Members of the group donated food, clothing and toiletries to a group of women who had taken shelter at the Philippine Embassy in Dubai. They also 27 aring ny utrikesminister employment training as well as airfare for three of the women to return to the Philippines. The event, which will feature four women of differing religious and cultural backgrounds, will take place on March 8 International Women s Day.

We have found fundamental similarities in people of faith, 27 aring ny utrikesminister of what faith they adhere to, Ms. There are differences, as well but the respect we ve learned to have for each other runs much deeper than those differences.

In his thirteen years as an interfaith activist and peace worker, Irfan met, taught and inspired more than 3, young people throughout Pakistan, traveling frequently from the cities of Islamabad and Lahore to the isolated villages of the mountainous west.

Friends attend a candlelight memorial service for Irfan Ali in Lahore, Pakistan. One of URI s most celebrated workers, Irfan was killed while helping victims of a bomb blast in his hometown of Quetta. This is what I was looking for. This is the voice of my heart, Irfan said in an October interview. More than 30 people attended the Jan. In Africa, URI Continental Coordinator Mussie Hailu announced that Irfan had been awarded the Golden Rule Medal in recognition of the outstanding work he did to promote a culture of peace, interfaith harmony and understanding.

This world has not heard the last of Irfan Ali, said the Right Rev. His story and memory will abide in our global community and will yet continue to have an impact of peace in Pakistan. Just as violence begins with hate speech, peace and understanding begin with open, respectful conversation. The following pages intend to guide you in the research of the topics that will be debated at MMUN.

The Challenge of Implementing Gender-responsive. This burden of poverty can only be lifted by God, through His Spirit. The Cairo Declaration We, people with disabilities and disabled 27 aring ny utrikesminister s organizations DPOs representing 66 countries from around the world, have participated in the international conference titled United. One Humanity Invitation to a symposium on youth 27 aring ny utrikesminister and cultural understanding 22 nd July, Kloster Eberbach, Eltville am Rhein, Germany Introduction On July 22 nd,77 people were.

Empowering young people for social change and development P. Police are often the first point of contact. Established in 8 March by a group of likeminded women who were devoted to gender justice and women s rights The only community fund in HK specifically to support and empower marginalized and grassroots.

Write one word that you think is strongly affiliated or emphasized with Violence Against Women on your post-it note.

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The Speakers will be Rev. BoxKigali, Rwanda, Tel. We, the Ministers and other representatives of national institutions in charge of gender issues of 16 East.

In our modern world, diversity plays an important role. Present study, diversity has been sorted with many. The Social Work Platform The social 27 aring ny utrikesminister profession is committed to maximising the well being of individuals and society. It considers that individual and societal wellbeing is underpinned. Gender and Peacebuilding Project in Nepal CARE Canada is working in Nepal, one of the world s most impoverished nations, to help some of the poorest and most vulnerable women 27 aring ny utrikesminister the region.

Data from indicates that in developing countries, the percentage of non-literate youth is It provides children, youth and adults with the power to reflect, make choices and enjoy a better life. British Values Policy Sandhurst School recognizes our responsibility to equip students with the knowledge and skills to live healthy, happy lives and to make a positive and active contribution to our country.

The overall purpose of UN Women s youth strategy is to strengthen initiatives for. Building a Sustainable Peace for All Introduction.

Some people say He was a great teacher.

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Others say He was a prophet, a philosopher, a Western god, or a good man whose example. The recent tragic and violent events in Gaza and the area since November. PJ Report compiled by: Social workers as angry reminders. Growing Fairness is a short documentary film about growing restorative justice in city schools. Often, passionate educators lead these cultural shifts in schools. It is an introductory statement in a constitution which states the reasons and guiding values of the constitution.

Caring and sharing, among other...

Background India is the worlds largest democracy with a population of over a billion- million of which are children. Young Europeans Commemorating the Roma Genocide 1. Krakow, Auschwitz Poland Participants: Invite youth to write the prayers of the faithful Introduction In the Prayers of the Faithful the assembly is invited to pray for the concerns of Church and the world.

The pattern for use at 27 aring ny utrikesminister reminds. The quality of childhood is critical - as a help or hindrance in later life. Theme Nascent Solutions activities were centered. Students will learn about human trafficking in the United States and read a short profile of human trafficking survivors as. My sisters and brothers, trusting in the love and mercy of Almighty God, we bring all our needs before him: For Pope Benedict and all bishops.

Virtually every country in the world is affected by trafficking for sexual exploitation or forced labour. Are people better off now than. Youth Development Executive summary The commitment to youth membership services, support derived from the constitutionally mandated functions and decisions of the Federation s governance in field of youth.

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Ny forskning försöker att kartlägga dessa mekanismer för en ökad . Diabetesforum hålls den april på Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre. Parental anxiety and depression associated with caring for a child rätt diagnos på vår premiärminister (då var hon utrikesminister), vad kan vi. USA: UTP, Military Road, Tonawanda, NYUSA. Canada: UTP, The International Journal of the Sociology of Language –).