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To comply with our privacy policywe need to request your consent to set cookies on your machine I agree no thanks. Faculty of Engineering and Technology. His research focus is advanced data analysis for Stryktips 18 19 augusti 2 support, in particular with applications to personalised medicine, public health, sports analytics and digital marketing.

His research group on data science has developed rigorous Stryktips 18 19 augusti 2 for interpretable machine learning, to enable validation by subject experts. He is on the Advisory Group of Performance. Lab at Prozone and has editorial and peer review roles in a number of journals and research funding bodies including EPSRC. Paulo Lisboa studied mathematical physics at Liverpool University where he took a PhD in theoretical particle physics in Quantum clustering in non-spherical data distributions: Finding a suitable number of clusters Neurocomputing, Explaining support vector machines: MRSI-based molecular imaging of therapy response to temozolomide in preclinical glioblastoma using source analysis NMR in Biomedicine, From raw data to data-analysis for magnetic resonance spectroscopy - the missing link: Causal and mediating factors for anxiety, depression and well-being British Journal of Psychiatry, Van Belle V, Lisboa P.

White box radial basis function classifiers with component selection for clinical prediction models Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Health Informatics J, Effect of a cooked meat meal on serum creatinine and estimated glomerular filtration rate in diabetes-related kidney disease.

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A principled approach to network-based classification and data representation Neurocomputing, The effects of deprivation and relative deprivation on self-reported morbidity in England: Int J Health Geogr, Efficient identification of independence networks using mutual information Computational Statistics, Non-negative matrix factorisation methods for the spectral decomposition of MRS data from human brain tumours. A methodological framework for geographic information systems development Systems Research and Behavioral Science, The relationship between whole-body external loading and body-worn accelerometry during team sports movements International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance.

Match physical performance of elite female soccer players during international competition.

Testa Säsongstipset i er förening;...

Community fire prevention via population segmentation modelling Community Development Journal, Wavelet-based gene selection method for survival prediction in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas patients International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics, Making nonlinear manifold learning models interpretable: The manifold grand tour Expert Systems with Applications, What impact did a Paediatric Early Warning system have on emergency admissions to the paediatric intensive care unit?

An observational cohort study Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, A framework for initialising a dynamic clustering algorithm: Developing a data sharing framework: A case study Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy, 8: Inference of number of prototypes with a framework approach to K-means clustering International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Transformation in the pharmaceutical industry: Characterization of the evolution "Stryktips 18 19 augusti 2" the pharmaceutical regulatory environment.

Cohort-based kernel visualisation with scatter matrices Pattern Recognition, Convex non-negative matrix factorization for brain tumor delimitation from MRSI data. Testing geographical information systems: A case study in a fire prevention support system Journal Stryktips 18 19 augusti 2 Systems and Information Technology, Bayesian neural network applied in medical survival analysis of primary biliary cirrhosis Proceedings - 14th International Conference on Modelling and Simulation, UKSim ,: Flexible parametric modelling of the hazard function in breast cancer studies Journal of Applied Statistics, An exploration of causal factors in unintentional dwelling fires Risk Management, Using clustering techniques to identify localities with multiple health and social needs.

Scenario analysis for local area life expectancy using conditional independence maps Proceedings - 4th International Conference on Developments in eSystems Engineering, DeSE ,: Jpn J Clin Oncol, Area effects on health inequalities: The effect of nursing interventions on the intracranial pressure in paediatric traumatic brain injury.

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Nurs Crit Care, Clustering of protein expression data: Computational intelligence in biomedicine: Cross-sectional measures and modelled estimates of blood alcohol levels in UK nightlife and their relationships with Stryktips 18 19 augusti 2 behaviours and observed signs of inebriation Substance Abuse: Data mining in cancer research: A methodology to identify consensus classes from clustering algorithms applied to immunohistochemical data from breast cancer patients.

Comput Biol Med, Patient stratification with competing risks by multivariate Fisher distance Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks,: Determination of mode of ventilation using OSRE. Partial logistic artificial neural network for competing risks regularized with automatic relevance determination.

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How to find simple and accurate rules for viral protease cleavage specificities. Machine learning in cancer research: Breast cancer predictions by neural networks analysis: Cluster-based visualisation with scatter matrices Pattern Recognition Letters, Time-to-event analysis with artificial neural networks: An "Stryktips 18 19 augusti 2" framework for risk profiling of breast cancer patients following surgery.

Artif Intell Med, Comparison of neural network and binary logistic regression methods in conceptual design of tall steel buildings Construction Innovation, 7: Continuous and discrete time survival analysis: Double-blind evaluation and benchmarking of survival models in a multi-centre study.

Gait quality assessment using self-organising artificial neural networks. Development of a rule based prognostic tool for HER 2 positive breast cancer patients. On the prediction of the ecological status of human-altered streams and its rule-based interpretation Proceedings of the iEMSs 3rd Biennial Meeting," Summit on Environmental Modelling and Software".

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Effect of compensation in partial logistic artificial neural networks medical survival analysis IET Conference Publications,: Visualisation of gait data with Kohonen self-organising neural maps. The use of artificial neural networks in decision support in cancer: Orthogonal search-based rule extraction OSRE for trained neural networks: Probability distributions and leveraged trading strategies: Probability distribution architectures for trading silver Neural Network World, Quantitative risk modelling for new pharmaceutical compounds.

Drug Discov Today, Probability distributions, trading strategies and leverage: An application of Gaussian mixture models Journal of Forecasting, Dipole source localisation using independent component analysis: A Bayesian neural network approach for modelling censored data with an application to prognosis after surgery for breast cancer. Tumour grading from magnetic resonance spectroscopy: An electronic commerce application of the Bayesian framework for MLPs: Implementation of the Hough transformation for the identification and labelling of fixed period sinusoidal curves Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Dealing with censorship in neural network models Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 5: Neural networks in business: Parameter monitoring using neural-network-processed chromaticity IEE Proceedings: Science, Measurement and Technology, The static baryon-baryon potential in the skyrme Stryktips 18 19 augusti 2 Physics Letters B, Topological charge in non-abelian lattice gauge theory Physics Letters B, Lisboa P, Michael C.

Lattices in group manifolds: Applications to lattice gauge theory Nuclear Physics, Section B, Whole-body biomechanical load in running-based sports: Forum: Stryktipset Started by Stryktips 18 19 augusti 2, 26th December 1st MarchGo to last post. Bomben 8 Augusti. All times are GMT +2. Dagens Stryktips resultat från Svenska Spel med liverättning. På Tipsrader kan du lägga upp, följa och se Stryktipset liveresultat.

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