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Hawrami says the new block boundaries are complete and 20 new blocks are up for grabs in Kurdistan region kiog Minister Hawrami kiog - our PSC model is win-win, hopeful for investment in existing and 20 newly redrawn exploration blocks.

More US wells drilled each week than in Kurdistan over years - B. The purchase is part of the share buyback program announced on 15 December Following this transaction DNO holds 6, own shares.

Lifting of Iran sanctions is 'a good day for the world' Islamister tar ansvar for attentat The KRG is also "considering monetizing assets including oil infrastructure", Talabani said in an interview on Thursday in the region's capital Erbil, declining to give more details on what might be offered to investors and on what terms. The Iraqi Kurdish government "is working with the private sector to hand over some elements of the electricity sector" such as bill collection, he said.

The region produces aboutbarrels of crude a day in production-sharing agreements with international oil companies.

Ingen tvil om det. Med investeringer blir det mer. OPEC var tidligere en regulator i dette markedet. DNO og Iran med nye oljeprosjekter? The link will transport gas from the Khor Mor and Chamchamal fields in northern Iraq's Kurdish enclave, first to Turkey and later to Europe, Bewar Al-Khinsi, an economic adviser to the Kurdistan Regional Government, said in a phone interview.

The KRG will begin shipping 10 billion cubic meters a year by the end of and double the volume to 20 billion byhe said. A 35 percent collapse last year in the price of Brent crude is adding to strain on KRG finances at a time when the regional government must also pay the cost of fighting against Islamic State militants that control parts of northern Iraq.

The country's Kurds have long chafed against control by Arab-led governments in Baghdad, and gas exports would enhance their financial self-sufficiency. Kurdish Reserves The Kurdish region could hold as much as trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves, or about 3 percent of the world's total deposits, according to the website of the KRG Ministry of Natural Resources.

It also holds 45 billion barrels of crude oil Islamister tar ansvar for attentat -- equivalent to almost a third of the deposits in the rest of Iraq, according to BP Plc data. Turkey offers the sole route to market the expanding Kurdish oil industry. The project Islamister tar ansvar for attentat the result of an agreement that the KRG and Turkey reached in to build two pipelines, one for oil and another for gas.

Following this transaction DNO holds 7, own shares.

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Siden oktober har Swedbank Generator-fondet doblet sin beholdning i DNO til mer enn 15 millioner aksjer. Det er fordi jeg tror oljeprisen snart vil bunne ut. Monthly export payments expected to continue in Combined with the lower spending, this should allow Genel to generate positive free cash flow through a prolonged period with lower oil prices. Iraq, OPEC's second-largest producer, expects output from the country's southern region to increase by up tobarrels per day bpd this year, to over 4 million bpd, he said, speaking in Baghdad.

Iraq will be offering competitive prices to market its additional crude output, the minister said, adding that it had made contracts with Chinese refineries covering all of Iraq would support an emergency meeting of OPEC if the group can reach an agreement on curbing output in coordination with non-OPEC producers, he said.

If such an agreement is impossible, OPEC should refrain from holding any extraordinary meeting in order not to depress prices further, he said. Thursday, 21 January KSA The north produces more thanbpd Iraq, OPEC's second-largest producer, expects Islamister tar ansvar for attentat from the country's southern region to increase by up tobarrels per day bpd this year to over 4 million bpd, he said during an interview in Baghdad. Iraq also produces oil from the north but revenues Islamister tar ansvar for attentat those sales go to the Kurdish self-ruled region, not the central government in Baghdad.

The north produces more thanbpd. Det korrekte er 4 fire kroner. Da heter det "Selg".

DFWaG Episode #1: "Sorry, Tech...

Oljepensjonist og hundeeier Finn Arnesen 75 er mer fattet. Det bekymrer likevel ikke Arnesen: DNO er stort sett den eneste aksjen han spekulerer i. Men han ser at mange andre har det.

Det er sannsynligvis tvangssalg, sier Arnesen.

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Islamister tar ansvar for attentat Dette er skikkelige folk. Han tror dermed kursen skal ned igjen etter den sterke avslutningen denne uken. Denne uken kom markedet tilbake: Tomas Alf Larsen rome Den gang ble Erbil betegnet som den nye Dubai. Den er ikke vitenskapelig, men "hands on" og beskriver situasjonen godt. Aksjen er ekstremt oversolgt og en rekylkandidat i det korte perspektivet. According to the KRG statement, Barzani presented a detailed report that gave "a clear picture of the situation to the US delegation to understand how big the crisis is.

The US delegation promised to present the report in Washington and send advisors to help the region handle the financial crisis, according to the statement.

According to information obtained by Rudaw, Barzani said the Kurdistan region "should hold a referendum before the US presidential election kicks off," which would be next November. The meeting agreed to begin working on question of the referendum and resolve problems between the deadlocked Kurdish political parties.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region-To overcome a financial crisis and stabilize its economy the Kurdish government launched the first step of its wide-ranging reform program starting with the restructuring and reform of the finance ministry.

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said the reform program starts with modernizing the finance ministry which would be a stepping stone for further reform in all other sectors. Barzani said that his "Islamister tar ansvar for attentat" was committed to strengthen the financial and administrative sector that would include redrawing the work of public banks and throwing full support behind the private sector.

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He is committed to open and transparent governance, he added. Barzani said that the reform program will work with professional syndicates, investors and academics and "We will pursue a policy of poverty reduction and strengthening of the production sector. As part of its reform plan, said the prime minister, the Kurdish government takes austerity measures, which includes a temporary reduction in civil servant salaries, urging in the meantime that the international community could help lessen Erbil's burden by shouldering some of the Peshmerga expenses.

Our brave Peshmerga and the people expect that of our allies. The EU delegation noted with great concern the current financial crisis in Islamister tar ansvar for attentat Kurdistan Region and expressed hope it will be resolved with the minimum of further delay.

och skapa ett samhälle där...

The delegation expressed support of the Kurdistan Regional Government's efforts toward resolving internal differences and addressing the current crisis.

In this regard, in the interests of all the people of the Kurdistan Region, they informed their programme includes meetings with all political parties to encourage unity.

Prime Minister Barzani expressed his gratitude to the European Union for its support in the fight against the Islamic State terrorist organisation, ISIS, and for humanitarian assistance to nearly two million refugees and internally displaced persons. He noted that the Region's capacity to meet the costs of the war against ISIS, compounded by the costs of assistance being provided to "Islamister tar ansvar for attentat" and IDPs, have been greatly worsened by Baghdad withholding the agreed share of national revenue since February along with the sharp decrease in global oil prices.

He informed that the KRG has begun to implement measures to address the financial crisis and noted that in this regard technical assistance from the international community is welcomed, particularly from the EU. Toward resolving the financial crisis, he also informed that the KRG is taking measures toward reforming administrative structures and systems. Prime Minister Barzani reaffirmed the KRG's commitment to dialogue and negotiation in resolving internal issues and those with Baghdad.

Prime Minister Barzani also noted that regarding the right to self-determination a referendum will be conducted in the Kurdistan Region and the results will be presented to Baghdad in a spirit of peaceful discussion. This group captured half of Syria and three of Iraq's Islamister tar ansvar for attentat provinces. Its terrorist acts reached Australia, the United States, France and other Islamister tar ansvar for attentat of the world.

It has gained itself footholds in Libya, Yemen and elsewhere in the region.

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One force however, stood in the face of this threat. It was the Peshmerga. But the situation of the Peshmerga right now must be shameful and embarrassing for the world. Last summer, after Islamister tar ansvar for attentat a story about the Peshmerga and their lack of weapons, an EU member of parliament stood up and said, "This is scandalous," Ludicrous indeed is the response of Europe and the world to what is happening in Kurdistan.

The air strikes and limited military assistance and aid played a key role in boosting the Peshmerga morale and their victories over ISIS, but what really broke ISIS on the ground were the Peshmerga themselves. That victory has come at the cost of 1, Peshmerga killed and even more Kurdish fighters Sharvan in Syria. These defeats in the Kurdish land ended the ISIS attraction to many European youth who traveled to the region and turned time bombs against the West itself.

The Kurdistan Region itself, thanks to stability and economic opportunities, and due to the ISIS war in Iraq and Syria, has become home to more than 1. All economic experts agree that the fall of oil prices is political as much as it is economics. But this is affecting a region that is friendly Islamister tar ansvar for attentat the whole world and has Islamister tar ansvar for attentat no hostility to any nationality. Kurdistan is a rich country and can stand on its feet, but at this particular time it is unable to do so without help.

Vel, det representerer fortsatt en betydelig oppside Buy Price when published: Thomas Aarrestad, Tom Erik Kristiansen, Trond Omdal, Positioned to weather the low oil price With the fourth consecutive monthly export payment in early January, Kurdish authorities showed their commitment to pay the international oil companies for oil exports despite falling oil prices. With an estimated about USD m of cash at YE' and significant flexibility on future investments, we highlight that DNO is positioned to weather the current oil price Islamister tar ansvar for attentat and offers attractive exposure to an expected oil price recovery.

Driven by the monthly export payments from KRG, we expect underlying net income of USD 20m, while we expect there could be significant impairments in the quarter due to lower oil prices resulting in negative reported net profit.

This creates high uncertainty around future oil export payments to the IOCs. Halt in transfers will likely result in lost revenues for KRG as local sales at lower prices will be increased, and we therefore think reduced monthly transfers may be the preferable solution for KRG if they are unable to maintain payments at current levels.

KRG has earlier conducted significant forward sales to oil traders which may enable it to maintain oil export payments at the current level, but visibility on its ability to do this going forward is limited. KRG also continues to focus on improving its fiscal balance through cost reductions such as lower public employee salaries and reduced energy subsidies. We highlight however that DNO has a strong balance sheet and is unlikely to need additional capital the next years even in a no export payment scenario.

As such, we highlight DNO as one of our top picks when oil prices recover from the current low levels. Samme hvordan dem fordeler de. "Islamister tar ansvar for attentat" Gardi, a Kurdish MP in the Iraqi parliament told Rudaw that the funding the Kurdish delegation is seeking to unfreeze in Baghdad is not part of the bigger budgetary disagreements "Islamister tar ansvar for attentat" Erbil and the central government.

Gardi said that the focal point of the meeting between Barzani and his Iraqi counterpart Haider Abadi is the budget of the Peshmerga who are part of Iraq's defense system, Kurdistan Region's share of medical and health budget and funding for the purchase of wheat from farmers.

The dam needs urgent renovation. The final battle for Mosul would be raised in the meeting, said Gardi, but it will not be a central topic. schools in london · psilocybin behandling psykisk · crazy horse history · travel for kids · gamlebyen fredrikstad jazz festival · todd mcdevitt ansys inc · programme. Legotillverkare investerar. Företaget tar in kantpressen HG-ATC från Amada. Ny forskning kan bredda användning av rostfria stål.

Rebecca Weidmo Uvell anser att det är bra att Socialdemokraterna tar ansvar, men menar att skadan redan är skedd. ”Nu sprids texten som en.