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The country is facing dominant challenges in the tract of road safety but also has enormous possibility. But above all it consists of several projects that VTI and the other Swedish actors comprise sought support for from the innovation agency Vinnova. China is certainly faced with enormous challenges, since example when it breeze ins to the environment.

But there is also remarkable potential there. Among other things, they can put into effect large-scale technical solutions extremely quickly if desired. China is also well precocious in areas that we in Sweden regard with a certain degree of envy.

These include bike-share schemes, which according to Jonas Jansson are shared in China. Electric mopeds represent another area where China is at the forefront. These also convey up less space and are good for mobility but they have downsides with regard to access traffic safety.

One of the challenges is to increase the safety of unprotected road users who, in the rapidly growing Chinese traffic, represent an increasingly vulnerable group.

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One of the challenges is to increase the safety of unprotected road users who, in the rapidly growing Chinese traffic, represent an increasingly vulnerable group. In recent years, interest has increased drastically among major actors in the railway sector, and VTI has Among other things, they can implement large-scale technical solutions very quickly if desired.

These include bike-share schemes, which according to Jonas Jansson are common in China. Advances in vehicle technology have made it possible to use connected vehicles in VSL systems

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