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Ok kalla nazistiskt parti


Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Love ain't got no color? Attitudes toward interracial marriages in Sweden.

The disser- tation is driven by two theoretical frames: Quantitative data was collected by means of an attitude survey and the qualitative data was collected by means of follow-up interviews with some of the respond- ents who participated in the survey.

The study shows that although their attitudes vary depending on the different groups in question, the majority of the respondents and inter- viewees could imagine getting involved in interrelationships and would not react negatively if a family member got involved in such a relation- ship. The quantitative results address the importance of intimate contacts, in other words having friends of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, in having more positive attitudes toward interracial dating, marriage and childbearing.

The qualitative inquiry probes the reasoning be- hind the survey results and points to the complicated relations between individual attitudes and the sense of group position. Ideas of race emerge in this colorblind reasoning and the role of visible difference is Ok kalla nazistiskt parti both through the quantitative and qualitative inquiries. Attitudes toward immigration and immigrants. Beyond attitudes toward interracial relationships.

I would also like to offer my gratitude to Anders Wigerfelt for his guidance as a co-supervisor over the past year. My special thanks go to Henrik Ohlsson for answering my questions about the statistical analysis and to Sue Glover Frykman for her language editing of the dissertation. Last but not least, I would like to thank my family in Japan and in Sweden; espe- cially my parents for Ok kalla nazistiskt parti me to what I have become today and my hus- band Ok kalla nazistiskt parti always being there and supporting me.

Why are you in Sweden? He starts talking about mail order brides and personal contact advertise- ments and how horrible they are. Half jokingly he asks her: I met my husband when we were studying in the US. He replies with a smile, and says: But I am sure that you are not one of them. This is my paranoia. The period between and is regarded as a turn- ing point in the Swedish history of immigration. During this period, the dominant immigration category has changed from labor migrants to asy- lum migration and family reunifications.

As the category of immigration shifted, the country of origin of the immigrants also expanded from pre- dominantly within European countries to outside European countries. Since the s, the foreign born population of Sweden has doubled. Very few industrialized countries in the West have as high a proportion of immigrants as Sweden: France, the Netherlands and the UK have a lesser Ok kalla nazistiskt parti of immigrants than Sweden.

As the immigrant population has increased in Sweden, policies around migration and integration have also changed. From tointegration policy1 was based on three pillars: All these were designed so that immigrants as a group could enjoy equal social and political rights, main- 1 It was called immigrant policy at the time.

The two goals of the policy were equal rights and opportunities based on multiculturalism and a soci- ety with diversity, mutual respect and tolerance.

Sincethe policies Ok kalla nazistiskt parti not only been targeted towards the Ok kalla nazistiskt parti population, but also the general population. The goals of the most recent reform of integration policy in are to achieve the same rights, duties and possibilities for everyone irrespective of ethnic and cultural background and to put the fo- cus on individuals rather than groups Rakar According to Brekke and Borchgrevink, this shift of focus from immigrant groups to individu- als in the general population is the most important change in the current integration policy Even though the focus of integration poli- cies has changed, the idea of self-sufficiency, in other words labor market integration, has played and still persistently plays a dominant role in Swedish integration policy.

An increasing incorporation of immigrants into society points to a growing number of opportunities for the majority population to interact with the immigrant population, and vice versa. However, numerous researchers show the difficulties that refugees, immigrants and their descendants face in the la- bor market, school and health care systems e. It is a well-estab- lished fact that people of foreign descent are confronted with discrimina- tion and racism in different aspects of social life and the difficulties of be- ing fully recognized in Swedish society.

The question then is what do the most personal and intimate social relations that individuals engage in look like? This study focuses on an area that has not yet received much re- "Ok kalla nazistiskt parti" attention Ok kalla nazistiskt parti Sweden, intimate relationships across the majority and the minority population, namely interracial dating, marriage and child- bearing.

Throughout the thesis the terms mixed, interracial and intermar- riage will be used interchangeably. This study also addresses the issue of race, socially constructed ideas about different individuals and groups based on their visible differences, in a Swedish context.

Why study attitudes toward interracial relationships? Whether intermarriage occurs or not is generally said to depend on two aspects: Lieberson Ok kalla nazistiskt parti Waters define four broad factors that can affect the occurrence of intermarriage: According to Kalmijn there are socioeconomic and cultural preferences: Cultural preference is derived from the desire to marry someone who is similar.

However, according to Kalmijn, socioeco- nomic and cultural preference alone does not explain the patterns of mar- rying within or outside i.

There are several reasons for studying attitudes toward interracial re- lationships. Because marriage is an intimate and often long-term relationship, intermarriage or heterogamy not only reveals the existence of interaction across group boundaries, it also shows that members of different groups accept each other as social equals. There- fore, studying attitudes toward interracial relationships would give re- searchers a chance to evaluate the degree of acceptance the different eth- nic and racial groups have towards each other in a close and intimate con- text.

This leads to the second motivation for studying interracial relation- ships, namely that: Gordon refers to Robert E. Park and Ernest W.

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The existence of interracial relationships can therefore be an indication of the level of integration in society. A weakening of the cultural salience may reduce and erase negative attitudes, prejudices and stereotypes of out-groups. In this sense a weakening of the cultural salience can be un- derstood as a threat to the existing group position. Therefore, Ok kalla nazistiskt parti Yancy suggests, rejecting interracial relationships would legitimize the boundary of us and them, racial discrimination and prejudice.

Lee and Edmonston write that social norms in marriage play significant roles in maintaining the racial or ethnic status quo in racially or ethnically strati- fied societies.

Marriage between people of the same race sustains the rules about race and racial boundaries, while exogamy threatens the stability of racial groups. Racial endogamy becomes important when membership of a racial group defines access to resources and power in society Lee and Edmonston This study aims to examine the attitudes of the majority society to- ward interracial dating, marriage and childbearing.

Marriage is one of the most personal and intimate social relationships that individuals enter into "Ok kalla nazistiskt parti" their lives. Moreover, this study examines the correlation between atti- tudes toward interracial relationships and prior interracial contacts in different contexts such as the workplace or friendships.

Therefore, com- pared to researching other social aspects such as the labour market or po- litical integration, examining attitudes toward interracial relationships will hopefully shed light on the issue of integration from a different Ok kalla nazistiskt parti spective.

In- deed, according to this view, the deviant and the exotic have always seemed to be located elsewhere, or at any rate or among Us, the members of the ma- jority. Although it is important to note that there are researches on intermarriages such as M. It is the powerlessness of the wives brought from abroad or the home country that is at the heart of the argu- ment.

Such discussions rarely touch on the issue of integration. Little reference is made to the discrimination that minor- ity groups face which may lead minority groups not willing to marry someone from the majority society. Both integration and discrimination are only addressed from the perspective of the minority groups.

When in- termarriages are specifically discussed, attention is usually on the prob- lems of cultural clash, divorce and custody Olofsson This study therefore aims to focus on the majority society.

For example, statistics show that the white majority get married within the white majority. There should also be discussions about discrimination and prejudices that affect the choice of a partner from the perspectives of Ok kalla nazistiskt parti the majority and the minority.

I am certainly not advocating that the current trend of talking about marriage in both a Swedish and European context is unnecessary. On the contrary, I believe that they are important. The time is long overdue to question the motives, pho- bias, fantasies, and fears of those who oppose interraciality, and to examine the kinds of social and theoretical practices that deny the primacy of rela- tionality and inadvertently or deliberately perpetuate racial segregation.

It is important Ok kalla nazistiskt parti look at the different levels of inter- racial relationships, since individuals may be willing to get involved inter- racially, but might not be willing to engage in serious relationships.

The thesis does not only look at attitudes toward interracial relationships from the perspective of preference, but also from the point of opportuni- ties of meeting someone of another origin and the relationship between the amount of contact and attitudes.

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This study therefore sets out to deal with the following questions: This dissertation is underpinned by two theoretical frames: The Ok kalla nazistiskt parti of race, in other words socially constructed ideas about different individuals and groups based on their visible differences, is not commonly applied in a Swedish context.

By utilizing the theory of race, this thesis examines the role of race in how interracial marriage is understood and perceived. Mixed methods have the potential of reducing some of the concerns and limitations of attitude studies and contribute to an understanding of the multidimensionality of attitudes.

The focus of this study is therefore to reach an understanding of the presently existing attitudes that are ex- pressed, rather than understanding the change and development of indi- vidual attitudes and feelings.

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In order to understand attitudes at the indi- vidual and collective level, and not simply individual preferences, not only if one can imagine having an interrelationship, but also how close family and society might react to interracial relationships is inquired. Incorporat- ing the two theories of prejudice and stereotypes, Contact Hypothesis and group position, would facilitate an understanding of the initial attitudes, both as individually and collectively defined phenomena.

The concept of dating and marriage Although this study is Ok kalla nazistiskt parti in English it has been carried out in Swed- ish. Several concepts are translated in the Swedish context and utilized when communicating with the respondents and interviewees.

As the practice of dating became known in the U. Although the forms and practices may be different, being together with or having a short relation- ship with somebody in a Swedish context is similar to that of dating in the U. It is a social engagement between two people, which has the potential of moving forward to cohabitation and ultimately marriage, in which the commitment and responsibility to continue the relationship is a matter between the two people concerned.

It is an involvement without obligation from family members and a reflection of the freedom of being together with somebody Lowrie The term in this study does not only refer to official marriage but also to cohabitation, since cohabitation has almost as equal a status as official marriage under Swedish law.

I have inten- tionally chosen to use this word because I am interested in the marriage between two people of different race and ethnicity. "Ok kalla nazistiskt parti" am aware that the word alludes to the idea that mixed marriage is different from racial ho- mogamy, and also has a connotation of colonialism. Nevertheless, since the word is still used and known in Sweden, I believe that it is the best Swedish word available that refers to "Ok kalla nazistiskt parti" marriage.

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