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Afrikanska stater och EU-medlemsstater deltog i FN: The following list contains the full reference of each document quoted in the Communication, as well as some additional recent documents of relevance. Some concrete orientations, COM final of 1 September The handbook can be downloaded from the following address: Recent Trends, Future Challengespublished in September in the series Economic Papers and available on the following website: The following gives details of work Ny vag av migranter out on the priority actions during the course of Its purpose is to give an idea regarding the amount and type of work that has taken place, but is not intended to be comprehensive.

These activities have been a first test for the Agency and a show of solidarity with those Member States most affected by high numbers of migrants arriving every day. The purpose of these operations, which have also involved the cooperation of neighbouring African States, has been to enforce the control Ny vag av migranter the external maritime borders of the European Union, thereby disrupting and preventing illegal immigration by sea, and at the same time contribute to saving the lives of illegal immigrants in distress at sea search and rescue operations.

Moreover, FRONTEX has coordinated the detachment of experts in nationality identification from other Member States to Spain and Malta to assist the authorities of these two Member States in repatriating third country nationals who cannot legally remain in their territories.

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Two important studies will inform future work. The study calls for the establishment of National Coordination Centres in the Member States, which would, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, coordinate the activities of the different national authorities involved, in cooperation with the national coordination centres of neighbouring Member States and third countries.

This study will comprise an overview of the existing monitoring and surveillance systems in use, their area of coverage Ny vag av migranter their technical solutions, as well as the needs and wishes for further development with modern technology to cover the entire EU southern maritime borders.

It is due to be completed by the Ny vag av migranter of Four key migration routes from Africa to Europe were identified, and the presence of ILOs along these routes was determined. Reports on illegal immigration were drafted by these ILOs, which gave a picture of the situation in their respective countries and operational recommendations for stepping up cooperation along the routes. Meanwhile, Spain, France, Italy and the UK accepted leadership for each of the Regional Networks, and preparatory meetings got underway quickly.


The Regional Networks will now work on developing an action plan for each route, consisting of concrete, operational projects that can be implemented to help combat illegal immigration. Such teams would be made up of specially trained border guard officers of the national services of Member States who on short notice can be deployed to a requesting Member State to provide technical and operational assistance. The proposal is currently being "Ny vag av migranter" in the Council; quick adoption would mean they could become operational in the foreseeable future.

The Commission has also been carrying out an analysis of the law of the sea from the point of view of the fight against illegal immigration.

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The study examines Member State control powers in the different maritime spaces, as well as third countries' obligations on the basis of international sea law and maritime law and as regards the fight against the smuggling of migrants. The possibility for an institutionalised regional cooperation mechanism along the lines of the one existing amongst "Ny vag av migranter" Baltic States Ny vag av migranter also explored.

It set out the EU's approach to issues being covered by the Dialogue. The event itself was a success. High-level representatives from around the world joined together for two days to pledge their support Ny vag av migranter closer cooperation on migration and development issues.

Many States expressed their wish to continue the dialogue through a global, informal and voluntary Forum. Belgium has offered to host the Global Forum on migration and development in July The aim will be to share expertise and best practice and enhance co-operation in the area of migration and development. Several joint operations and pilot projects were planned and implemented during Joint action was carried out to combat illegal immigration. It took place at various places along the land border between Greece and Turkey, as well as in harbours in Greece and Italy.

Deployment of EU officers started at the beginning of August. The involvement of Libya in this project was sought. The focus was on Latin American migration routes. This report assisted in the identification of the main illegal immigration routes from Africa, and was used to support the work on setting up regional ILO networks. Launch a feasibility study on reinforcing monitoring and surveillance of the southern maritime border of the EU, namely in the Mediterranean Sea, and on a Mediterranean Coastal Patrols Network involving EU Member States and North African countries, as early as possible in Recommendations of the study to be implemented by Member States as soon as possible, where necessary with support from FRONTEX — timetable and costing to be put together Third countries to be contacted once the EU has a clear view on how it wants to reinforce monitoring and surveillance — sufficient flexibility for modifying the EU approach to be kept to allow for the integration of the wishes and views of third countries.

Explore the technical feasibility of establishing a surveillance system covering the whole southern maritime border of the EU and the Mediterranean Sea by the end of Such a system would use modern technology with the aim of saving lives at sea and tackling illegal immigration.

Spring Expert group established to carry out the study, bringing together both technical and operational people, including those with expertise with the Galileo system. Establish regional networks of Immigration Liaison Officers ILOs involving priority countries or regions as Ny vag av migranter as possible inand present reports on illegal immigration and trafficking, with the assistance where appropriate of ILOs in key countries, by May On the basis of existing data and statistics, four key migration routes from the African continent towards Europe were identified and selected for detailed work.

For each of these routes the presence of ILOs in the relevant countries was determined. The ILOs were approached to draft targeted illegal immigration reports and to submit concrete, operational recommendations for stepping up cooperation along the routes. Ny vag av migranter Delegations in the relevant third countries identified immigration contact persons who supported the reporting activity.

In addition, for each key route a lead Member State was identified: Leading Member States were requested to draft a six-month calendar of activities, including start-up regional meetings, with the final objective of developing an operational action plan for each route. Local meetings of ILO regional networks to be held regularly Operational action plans to be drafted.

Bring forward a proposal for the creation of rapid reaction teams made up of national experts able to provide rapid technical and operational assistance at times of high influxes of migrants, in accordance with the Hague Programme, by Spring Council discussion of proposal, followed by "Ny vag av migranter" of the Regulation Continued work by Commission on a proposal for expert intervention teams in the asylum context.

Several preparatory events were organised in the lead-up to the HLD, and the Commission and Member States took an active part in all of them. The HLD itself was a success. High-level representatives from around the world committed to closer co-operation on migration and development issues and agreed to continue dialogue through a global forum.

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Present an analysis of the existing international instruments on the law of the sea, including relevant aspects of refugee law, by March The Commission has been carrying out this study with a particular focus on the Mediterranean.

The study is essentially a gaps analysis identifying the issues that could be further explored. It is due to be published shortly. The meeting illustrated the need for a concerted and complementary approach that involves all state actors, not only those engaged in rescue at sea and interception activities.

Three specific recommendations to come out of the meeting were: Commission to present report Discussion of the analysis, and development of an EU common position on the open legal questions. This first year has very much been a year of agenda-setting. With the recognition of the necessity to work in partnership with African and Mediterranean countries and to address the needs and concerns of all concerned, has acted as a preparatory year, paving the way for engagement with African states on the range of migration issues.

The amount of agenda space given to migration in regional fora this year has to some extent been surprising. This was a highly significant event, Ny vag av migranter the EU and the whole of Africa coming together for the first time to make a political commitment to working together on migration.

Similarly, other regional bodies gave their attention to migration — the ACP states held their first meeting of ministers responsible for asylum and migration, which resulted in a declaration and plan of action; migration was discussed and featured prominently in the conclusions of the EU-ECOWAS Troika; and for the first time migration was on the agenda as a discussion point at the ACP-EU Council.

The ministerial conference held in Rabat in July was a successful and important event. A joint initiative between Morocco, Spain and France and co-financed by the Commission, the conference brought together West, Central and North African states with EU Member States to discuss common responses to migratory flows along the West African route. States committed themselves to developing a close partnership "to work together, in the framework of a global, balanced, pragmatic and operational approach, with respect for the fundamental rights and dignity of migrants and refugees, on the phenomenon of migratory routes".

The conference agreed that this framework must involve Ny vag av migranter of origin, transit and destination, and that central to this partnership is the fight against poverty and the promotion of sustainable development in African states.

It will now be important to implement initiatives contained in the Action Plan, so as "to respond to the urgency of the situation and give visibility and credibility to the new dynamic brought about by the conference". The Rabat Declaration called for a second, follow up ministerial conference in two years' time at the Ny vag av migranter. Dialogue on the basis of article 13 of the Cotonou Agreement has been initiated with certain key Sub-Saharan African states.

Meetings with the authorities in Mauritania, Senegal Ny vag av migranter Mali were extremely positive and Ny vag av migranter, and discussion on migration now continues as part of the political dialogue led by Heads of Missions. Linked to this, migration is currently being incorporated into the programming exercise for the 10th European Development Fund EDF.

Where relevant, every Country Strategy Paper for ACP countries should contain a migration profile, and discussions between delegations, Member States and the third countries concerned should result in the identification of priorities for the funding of migration-related activities and projects for the next five years.

It will focus in particular on the management of south-south migration. Mention should also be made of other ongoing work on the migration and development agenda. It successfully brought together high level representatives from across continents, to discuss achieving greater coherence between migration and development policies, forming partnerships among countries of origin, transit and destination, and involving migrant communities in the development of their home countries.

In June the Commission hosted an expert meeting on migration and development. This was a good opportunity to share experiences and information on current projects, in particular regarding the four main topics: Participants agreed on the need to share information better and improve coordination in this field. With much of the political agenda-setting now in place, it will be important to move quickly to implement the commitments taken between Africa and the EU in the course of and beyond.

Work to make migration a shared priority for political dialogue between the EU and the African Union, including through regular senior officials' meetings to prepare for EU-Africa Ministerial Troika discussions.

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Migration has featured prominently on the agenda of the AU and joint meetings between the AU and EU this year, Ny vag av migranter senior officials' meetings to prepare them as appropriate. Preparations took place in the High Level Working Group on Asylum and Migration; an extended Troika meeting hosted by Malta; and a senior official's meeting held in Tripoli on 21 November. Work in partnership with African countries and regional organisations, such as ECOWAS, through a range of fora, initiatives and regional meetings, including an EU-Africa Ministerial Conference in Morocco in and a conference on migration and development in Brussels in March Some successful high profile events have acted to keep migration firmly on the international agenda this year and the subject of much political debate.

Preparation took place in steering committee meetings, senior officials' meetings including one hosted by Senegaland in the High Level Working Group on Asylum and Migration with the participation of the Ambassador of Morocco. Explore the feasibility of a migration routes initiative for operational cooperation between countries of origin, transit and destination, with a view to developing a concrete initiative in Ny vag av migranter Development of the migration route concept has made good headway, with several steps being taken to bring together countries of origin, transit and destination along the same migratory route.

Four key migration routes on the African continent towards Europe were identified, as set out in action 3 above. Other related initiatives include a General Action Plan prepared by EUROPOL concerning cooperation with third countries for the purposes of Police Chiefs Task Force; and a pilot project proposal submitted by BE to Morocco on return and reintegration of Malians, as well as a regional initiative to help Mali dismantle smuggling networks.

This includes a stock-take of Member States' activities in the region; an Ny vag av migranter of the gaps in relevant transit countries and the requirements; and the ILO regional network developments with Italy.

A global approach action plan for each of the routes will be developed, using a variety of sources including the ILO reports. Enhance dialogue by spring with key sub-Saharan African states on the basis of Article 13 of the Cotonou Agreement, covering a broad range of issues from institution and capacity building and effective integration of legal migrants to return and the effective implementation of readmission obligations, in order to establish a mutually beneficial cooperation in this field.

This has so far proceeded with Mauritania, Senegal and Mali. Three other countries had to be removed from the list due to varying political circumstances. January Commission delegations in selected countries were contacted to explore the possibilities of article 13 Cotonou dialogue. Delbetänkande av Kommittén för cirkulär migration och utveckling .

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