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Varfor ar diesel avgaserna svarta


Manufactured to the strictest OEM Standards. Subjected to rigourous safety and peformance tests. In fact since we first produced them inseveral hundred million DENSO Lambda Sensors have been doing their job measuring the oxygen in vehicle emissions worldwide; making us one of the leading Lambda Sensor manufacturers in the world. We use our unrivalled knowhow in each and every Lambda Sensor we make. DENSO recommends changing them as often as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Lambda Sensor failure - whether through normal ageing, the use of leaded fuels or contamination - can lead to damage of the Catalytic Converter and cause expensive repairs. Failed Lambda Sensors can also cause higher emissions, increased fuel consumption and reduced engine performance including poor acceleration, stalling and idling.

There are many variations depending on make and model. Please refer to the complete application list in this catalogue to choose the correct DENSO Lambda Sensor for a specific application location. Lambda Sensor, copper grease, connectors, heat-shrinkable butt splices. Thread cleaning tap size M18x1,5 for most Sensors. Torque wrench with suitable Lambda Sensor socket.

Ratchet crimping tool with red die for insulated terminals. Torque wrench with suitable Lambda Sensor driver size "Varfor ar diesel avgaserna svarta" for most Sensors. If needed, clean the thread in the exhaust pipe with a cleaning tap. Cut Varfor ar diesel avgaserna svarta new Sensor wires to length.

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The new Sensor with the old connector must be the same length as the old Sensor and connector originally. Cut the old Sensor wires to length. Only apply grease to the Sensor thread. Tighten the Sensor to the prescribed torque, using a torque wrench with a suitable Lambda Sensor socket.

Take care not to damage the wires! Strip the wire ends to a length of 7mm. Crimp the butt-splices with a ratchet crimping tool with red die size 22 - Shrink the insulation of the butt-splices with hot air, until they are sealed. Tighten the Sensor to the prescribed torque, using a torque wrench with a suitable Lambda Sensor driver. Sensor body thread Keep clean and dry: Varfor ar diesel avgaserna svarta body Avoid sudden Varfor ar diesel avgaserna svarta These holes need to stay open to enable the Sensor to function.

The Teflon isolated wires have a core of stainless steel strands for extra strength, surrounded by nickel coated copper wires for good conductivity and low resistance.

Allows atmospheric oxygen to enter the Sensor without permitting water or engine contaminants to seep into the casing. Resists corrosion and contamination with a rugged, watertight body.

DENSO Lambda Sensors feature a unique, protective coating of aluminium oxide on the ceramic element to help ensure the Sensor takes accurate measurements and has a long lifetime. The aluminium oxide trap layer therefore plays an active role in delivering optimal emissions, fuel economy, engine performance and prevention of engine damage. Maintains proper unit temperature for quicker response times and protects the ceramic element against silicone and lead poisoning.

Solving the fuel quality dilemma Poor quality or polluted fuel can have an adverse effect on Lambda Sensor lifespan and performance - but DENSO Sensors provide the solution. What causes the problem? Fuel can be contaminated by engine oil additives such as detergent dispersant or lubricant; petrol additives; sealing compound on engine parts; and crude oil deposits after desulphurisation. Contaminated fuel can emit a poisonous vapour if heated over degrees Celcius, which affects the Lambda Sensor by clogging or poisoning the electrodes.

This is a common cause of early Lambda Sensor failure. Check the connector and lead wire to ensure no damage has occurred. Damage of any kind will "Varfor ar diesel avgaserna svarta" the Sensor signal. It is important that the Sensor element is intact in order to work correctly. Check that the connector is clean, intact and water-tight; and that there are no signs of grease, lubricants or chemicals on it. Certain ingredients of fuel additives can contaminate the Sensor element. Lead contamination Oil contamination Appearance: Rich fuel contamination Appearance: This can be caused by a damaged Sensor heater or a faulty fuel system.

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Follow-up check In all cases, a contaminated Lambda Sensor must be replaced. After replacing the Sensor, however, it is also important to check the function of the Catalytic Converter. Contamination can also damage the Converter by reducing its capacity. What role do Lambda Sensors play? In order to reduce emissions, modern cars have been designed to carefully control the amount of fuel they burn.

Most modern cars are equipped with a threeway Catalytic Converter. The exact amount of oxygen in the exhaust gasses is important to the Catalytic Converter because it affects how well it is able to remove these harmful emissions from the exhaust gases. The right amount of oxygen enables a chemical reaction to take place between the harmful gases and the oxygen, resulting in harmless gases leaving the Catalytic Converter. If the converter is working correctly, all Varfor ar diesel avgaserna svarta oxygen in the exhaust gases will be consumed by this chemical reaction.

Where are the Lambda Sensors positioned? Every new car, and most cars manufactured sincehas a "Varfor ar diesel avgaserna svarta" Sensor. The exact location of the Lambda Sensor varies according to whether the vehicle has a V-type or In-line type exhaust system, and depending on make and model. How exactly do Lambda Sensors work? Engine with Sensors and Catalytic Converter. Pre Cat Lambda Sensor 3. Theoretically, at this ratio, all of the fuel will be burned using almost all of the oxygen in the air.

The remaining oxygen must be exactly the right quantity for the Catalytic Converter to function efficiently.

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When the mixture is found to be too rich, fuel "Varfor ar diesel avgaserna svarta" is decreased. When the mixture is found to be too lean, fuel injection volume is increased Fig.

Why do some vehicles feature more than one Lambda Sensor? Many recently produced vehicles feature a second Lambda Sensor mounted after the Catalytic Converter post-cat Lambda Sensoras well as a Lambda Sensor placed before it pre-cat Lambda Sensor.

How does the second Lambda Sensor analyse the efficiency of the Catalytic Converter? The post-cat Lambda Sensor monitors the function of the Catalytic Converter by measuring the oxygen level in the exhaust gas that leaves the Catalytic Converter.


If the Sensor gives a high voltage reading Fig. This is because if the converter is working correctly, all the oxygen in the exhaust Varfor ar diesel avgaserna svarta will be consumed by the chemical reaction taking place inside between the oxygen and the harmful emissions.

As the Catalytic Converter wears down, however, some of the harmful gases and oxygen will not be included in the chemical reaction and will exit the Converter unchanged. The oxygen readings shown by the post-cat Sensor will therefore increasingly mirror the signal of the pre-cat Sensor, until both show the same signal Fig. This indicates failure of the Catalytic Converter. The fuel mixture varies from the ideal ratio quite a bit during driving, which is the reason why it must be monitored and adjusted.

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Output from fully functional Catalytic Converter. Output from a failing Catalytic Converter.

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Purification ratio of Catalytic Converter. The engine ECU alters the fuel quantity step by step until the Sensor Varfor ar diesel avgaserna svarta that the mixture is wrong again. At this point the ECU starts correcting again, step by step in the other direction.

This method results in a relatively slow Varfor ar diesel avgaserna svarta constant ongoing correction around Lambda 1. This allows the engine ECU to correct the injected fuel quantity to achieve, and maintain Lambda 1.

What happens if the Lambda Sensor fails? This will cause a less efficient use of fuel, and therefore a higher fuel consumption. It can also cause the Catalytic Converter to function less efficiently, potentially emitting higher levels of harmful emissions. How often should Lambda Sensors be replaced? Overall, especially in changing conditions sudden accelerations or decelerations systems with a Zirconia Sensor will have an under- or overshoot in fuel, resulting in a less efficient Catalytic Converter.

The ECU is therefore able to make precise adjustments, considerably reducing any under- or overshoot in fuel.

This results in optimal gas conversion inside the Catalytic Converter, resulting in cleaner air, lower fuel consumption and better driveability. Nach striktesten OEM-Normen hergestellt. Hochtemperatursignalausgabe, Luftdichtheit, Durchgang und Heizungswiderstand. Monitorsonde 9 7 6. Die obigen Abbildungen stellen typische Motoreinbaukonfi gurationen dar.

Die Einbaulage kann je nach Marke und Modell verschieden sein. Das Gewinde im Auspuffrohr, falls erforderlich mit einem Gewindeschneider reinigen. Die Kabelenden 7 mm weit abisolieren. Gegebenenfalls das Gewinde im Auspuffrohr mit einem Nachschneider zur Gewindereinigung reinigen. Sondengewinde Trocken und sauber halten: A heat pump draws heat from sources such as the ground, rock, the water in a lake or from the air. The investment cost is relatively high for.

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