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Jag tar 135 i bankpress


Men det blir det. A good day starts with a good morning To get up at 5 am again was not fun at all. But the early bird It makes such a difference! No pow-pow in those tits Todays workout: Men annars var det ett roligt pass.

Aina, T. A., The state...

First session of ! I want to start the new year with Jag tar 135 i bankpress habits and doing more of what I love and less of what brings me down. Dagens tyngsta blev ,5 kg. PR in reps on 40kg. This is how you end Mot hundra med Hugo. I got 13 reps but I think I had at least 2 more in the tank. I put my right wristwrap on too tight and my hand was turning blue so I stopped Payout for many months of heavy training and compromise is here, stay tuned: Gissa hur mycket jag slog mitt pb med?

Nya tider vid horisonten gott folk. Always surprised by the combinations of reps and sets which makes it so exciting to follow. Try it you must, as Yoda would say! Fortfarande bra tryck i kroppen!

Diagnostiserades med skolios

What better way to celebrate Christmas than benching. And Baby Jesus, I do not ask for much, just to deadliftsquat and bench press next year. You cool with that?

Nystart med @styrkelabbet och Bänkpress...

Showing a festive mood at the crowded gym on christmas morning. Today's bench felt easy!! Day 3 on week one! Second video is on my favorite triceps exercises!! Witch one is yours?? A heavy one today. Second video back to 3s at kg!! So far, being stronger is winning.

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"Har fått fajtats hårt"

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