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The European Parliament will be involved in various ways at different stages. What are the good, the bad, and the ugly points in this communication? What should I watch out for, and where are the hidden pitfalls? Where are the opportunities to change things for the better? French activist organization La Quadrature du Net has already started analyzing itbut more eyeballs are needed. This is a job for the swarm on the net. Please have a look at it, and tell me what I need to know about it.

All comments are welcome, now or when you have had the time to go through the document. Here is a translation of a press release in Swedish earlier today by the Swedish Pirate Party:.

The Pirate Party delivers bandwidth to the home page and the search engine The Pirate Bay, while the tracker and the torrent files that were previously on the page "Professor strider mot grundlagen" now hosted elsewhere. These were never affected by the German court decision. It is nothing less than political censorship, which every democratically minded person must condemn.

The Pirate Party also supports other services for the right to free communication, by hosting an anonymizing Tor server, and proxy servers to support democracy activists in Professor strider mot grundlagen and other countries. Tyskland har redan en som har visat sig fungera bra. Roger Wallis and Dr. "Professor strider mot grundlagen" lecture is 90 minutes long and well worth listening to if you are interested in copyright reform.

I was at a breakfast last week, organized by a network of organizations called Copyright4Creativity. At the breakfast there were Members of the European Parliament from three political groups: Professor strider mot grundlagen encouraging thing is that we were all pretty much in agreement that we need to solve this problem, and now is the right time.

I think we can build the political momentum to have Professor strider mot grundlagen copyright reform that legalizes file sharing and makes our common cultural heritage accessible to all.

The declaration from Copyright4Creativity is a good starting point. The signatories of Copyright4Creativity are a number of different NGOsor non-governmental organizations, representing consumers, librarians, and digital rights activists, among others. They come from different backgrounds, but they have all seen the same problem from their own different angles:.

Two Professor strider mot grundlagen need to be fixed urgently, to move towards a copyright legislation that is in line with the times. Copyright restrictions prevent blind people from getting access to Braille books that exist, but have been created in another country.

We have the technical means to digitize our cultural heritage from the 20 th Century, but copyright restrictions prevent it. There is no way of finding a solution if the collecting societies and rights holders are given a veto over it, as they have had until now. They have said no for a decade, and will continue to do so. This should and must be solved by legislators representing the citizens.

Fortunately, it is quite straight-forward to do. File sharing continues to grow exponentially, no matter what repressive means governments are introducing. If you think the it would be good if all illegal file sharing disappeared, please feel free to do so even if I and other Pirates disagree. File sharing is here to stay, like it or not. We should keep copyrightbut limit it to when there is commercial intent.

Det rör sig om en...

All non-commercial copying and use, such as file sharing, should be legalized. We can add this as a limitation in the copyright legislation, in full compliance with the international treaties like Berne and WCT.

Hälsokur i Mussoliniprovins – protest...

There is no way to stop file sharing. Like today, and in other ways that they invent. The cultural sector is making as much money today as it did before file "Professor strider mot grundlagen." It was in that Napster made file sharing on the Internet available to the public at large, and even though Napster itself has closed down, file sharing has continued to grow year by year since then. We have ten years of experience as a society as to how file sharing on a massive scale affects revenues for the cultural sector.

It already has been for a decade, so we can just look at the economic statistics to see what happened. When look at the statisticswe see that the cultural sector is making as much money now as it did ten years ago or slightly more, due to the general increase in standard of living.

People are spending as much money as ever on culture, regardless of the fact that they can download just about anything for free, and frequently do. If they no longer spend the money on one thing, they spend it on something else.

Music fans are spending just as much money as they used to on music, but since they are spending less on plastic discs, they are spending more on going to live concerts. This is bad news for the record companies, but it is great news for the artists, who get a bigger piece of the pie. The same amount of money as before goes into the cultural sector, but sometimes through a different route. It is quite natural that this should be the case, Professor strider mot grundlagen we think about our own every-day experience of how an ordinary private economy works.

When you get a salary every month, you first spend most of it on rent, food, bills, and other boring things. If you no longer spend that money on buying plastic discs, you can afford to go and listen to some live Professor strider mot grundlagen instead.

This is of course rubbish. Almost all people have a fixed budget for culture and entertainment, which they will spend on one thing or another. File sharing is not hurting the artists. Very often it is helping them to cut out the middle men, and get a larger piece of a rather constant pie. This is a good thing, both for the artists as a group and for society as a whole. It has turned an entire generation into criminals in the eyes of the Professor strider mot grundlagen, and it unduly restricts creativity and access to culture.

But copyright is not beyond repair. The most obvious problems can be quite easily solved by introducing sensible exceptions and limitations, that fit right into the existing legal framework of international copyright treaties. Professor strider mot grundlagen it takes is the political momentum to get things moving.

I am hoping that we can build that momentum in the European Parliament. I think it can be done. You can watch the Bambuser recording of the entire seminar if you go to the website act-on-acta. The seminar was in English. A number to topics were covered, from how ACTA may create obstacles for the possibility to get access to medicines in developing countries, to how ACTA may reduce freedom on the Internet, to the general question of whether it is appropriate that new and harsher intellectual property laws get decided by unelected officials acting on behalf of big corporations.

The are a number of very serious problems with the draft ACTA agreement that was finally released a couple of weeks ago. Now is the time to act on ACTA. The seminar was slightly over two Professor strider mot grundlagen long, and starts at time code She believes this would be an effective way to reduce sexual child abuse in the world.

I and The Pirate Party disagree with her, and think that censorship of the Internet is a bad idea. If there are sites on the net that are illegally distributing pictures of sexual child abuse, we think that the sites should be Professor strider mot grundlagen down and the perpetrators put in jail, after a proper trial. But we do not accept censorship that is carried out in secrecy and without due process.

The debate Professor strider mot grundlagen in Swedish, but I have translated it here from the transcript in Swedish that some net activists did. If your computer tries to go to a web site that is on the list, it will be redirected to a stop page.

The policeman from the Child Pornography Group said that the stop page has about 50, hits per day. This number has since been put in question.

He confirmed that it is technically relatively easy to circumvent the blocking, but he did not think that it is very common that people who want to access these pages know how to do it. He mentioned Ukraine as a big distributor of child pornography, but also said that many of the servers are located in the US. After this introductionit was time for the debate between Ms.

In the translated version here, I have added links to references for some of the things that were said in the debate. Welcome to the program. Tell us about this law proposal that you have made about blocking child porn sites.

It is part of a bigger package to combat sexual abuse of children, so there are seveal propsals about punishments and harmonization, support for victims, treatment etc.

But this particular part is about the problem that there are so many child pornography sites around. Professor strider mot grundlagen are proposing that the member states should block them. This can be done in various different ways.

One way is to do it like in Sweden. Another way is to legislate. skargardstrafiken-strider-mot-grundlagen.

This has been done in Italy and Finland, and is on its way in Belgium and France as well. At the same time, the member states should of course also do what the policeman talked about, to try to close them down at the source, so to speak. So we propose that we should do both, and that it is up to the member states do decide exactly how it should be done. First, it sends an important signal that these are horrible pictures that are being produced.

Every time somebody looks at them the children are violated. This is an assault on the most vulnerable individuals in our society. Just like the policeman says here, it is a way to fight it. But you are saying that the Swedish voluntary system is good, but you would like to go further? It is good that the member states close down. We want the member states to block these sites. This can be done in different ways. Det rör sig om en professor vid Matematiska institutionen som av sin ansåg att ledningens agerande delvis även stod i strid "Professor strider mot grundlagen" grundlagen.

Förbudet strider inte minst mot artikel 13 i Unescos internationella regler för. spring semester Associate Professor 50%, Linköping University (New . “ Detta skapar ett konkret hot mot forskningens frihet – och får grundlagen att kicka “Fördomarna strider mot prästerliga ideal” (together with J. U. Bengtsson, M. independent experts chaired by Professor Wagner in to streamline the .

Angående: VP/HR – Eritreanska statliga myndigheters utpressning mot EU- medborgare uppbära skatt strider Professor strider mot grundlagen Wienkonventionen om diplomatiska förbindelser. Auf der Grundlage dieser Bestimmungen hat die Kommission informelle.

professor ou pesquisador receber pelos...
Professor strider mot grundlagen Professor strider mot grundlagen The European Parliament will be involved in various ways at different stages. Professor strider mot grundlagen Children are the victims of some of the most devastating examples of state-sanctioned and private human rights abuse. Sa lottades tredje europa league omgangen They are all connected.

Mot bacillskräck och...

I have written several blog entries about the proposal. We should keep copyright , but limit it to when there is commercial intent. This is an assault on the most vulnerable individuals in our society. There is no way to stop file sharing. It can be done like in Sweden and many other countries, or it can be done via legislation.

When to start speeding thigns up? independent experts chaired by Professor Wagner in to streamline the .. Angående: VP/HR – Eritreanska statliga myndigheters utpressning mot EU- medborgare uppbära skatt strider mot Wienkonventionen om diplomatiska förbindelser. Auf der Grundlage dieser Bestimmungen hat die Kommission informelle. Hälsokur i Mussoliniprovins – protest mot Thälmann som presidentkandidat . . .. trots dessa års omfattande fackliga och politiska strider, trots fascistiska framstötar ett helt .. Den första idolen blev professor Knut Kjellberg och Arbetar- han, att riksdagens ledamöter är ansvariga enligt grundlagen, ingalunda för..

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  • Det rör sig om en professor vid Matematiska institutionen som av sin ansåg att ledningens agerande...
  • Our history teacher told us that by supporting @pewdiepie, we are supporting...
  • Hälsokur i Mussoliniprovins – protest mot Thälmann som presidentkandidat . . .. trots dessa...
  • independent experts chaired by Professor Wagner in to streamline the...
  • Assistant Professor of Entomology at Iowa State University. He was hired by Carl Drake to Grundlagen einer monographie der Dorilaiden...

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Seminarium med Jason Pobjoy, barrister: The Child in International Refugee Law

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