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Bruk av urtemedisiner blant Greenpeace vill ta ringhals ur bruk i Mali: Intervju av 72 healere i Bamako, Siby og Dioila. Det er lite som vites om bruk av urtemedisiner blant gravide i Mali. Det er heller ingen studier Greenpeace vill ta ringhals ur bruk fra healerens side. Medicinsk teknologivurdering af akupunktur til gravide.

Der blev udarbejdet en medicinsk teknologivurdering MTV. Det anbefales, at tilbyde gravide med emesis Clinical Course and Result of Treatment Herniated gravid uterus in an incisional hernia of the anterior abdominal wall is relatively rare. A year-old house wife presented with a six month gravid uterus that had herniated through an incisional hernia of the anterior abdominal wall. She had non-operative management till term, when she then had elective lower Together, these findings provide a basis for future studies on Rab regulation and function.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. The present research was based on qualitative and quantitative research techniques and included two steps. The internal evaluation included the presentation of the skills, grading and sequencing, discourse skills, listening section, the representation of different learning styles.

And in overall evaluation, general suitability of the textbook was assessed. In the second step, six teachers each responded to a item textbook evaluation questionnaire to express their perceptions concerning various aspects of the textbooks. The results revealed the extent of appropriateness of the textbook used by BSc students of physics. Blood metabolites of intensively reared gravid west African dwarf Blood metabolites of intensively reared gravid west African dwarf goats fed pulverized biofibre wastes based diets.

Effect of parity on endometrial glands in gravid rabbits Pulei Effect of parity on endometrial glands in gravid rabbits. Anatomy Journal of Africa Radioisotope examination of the renal function in gravidic pyelonephritis. Radiologische Klinik und Poliklinik. The clearance equivalents are represented globally as well as subdivided to the single kidney. Besides typical activity-time curves of the control groups are demonstrated. It was shown that at the time of the most frequent occurrence of gravidic pyelonephritis in the 7th-8th month of pregnancy the clearance equivalents are decreased compared to those of uncomplicated pregnancy.

The changes in the course of activity-time curves manifest themselves in a decreased initial phase as well as in an increased excretory phase. Conclusions are drawn for the clinical preliminary diagnosis of risky pregnancies from the results discussed regarding further references. By means of the results of combined renal sequence scintigraphy and I-hippurate clearance in 18 pregnant women with gravidic pyelonephritis as well as in 22 voluntary healthy pregnant women of the corresponding duration of pregnancy and in 13 non-pregnant women without hormonal anticonception as control groups the detection of the renal function with the clinical picture of gravidic pyelonephritis is discussed.

Transplacental diffusion and blood flow of gravid bovine uterus. Concentrations of antipyrine and D 2 O in uterine arterial and venous blood Greenpeace vill ta ringhals ur bruk antipyrine in fetal arterial and umbilical venous blood, as well as middle uterine arterial blood flow electromagnetic transducerwere determined. Antipyrine and D 2 O gave similar estimates steady-state diffusion method of gravid uterine blood flow.

In addition, the slope of the regression of D 2 O on antipyrine estimates was not different from one. The transplacental clearance rate of antipyrine was similar per kg placenta to that observed in ewes.

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It was suggested that the maternal and fetal microvasculatures of the bovine placenta could have a concurrent arrangement with vascular shunts or maldistribution of flows, as has been suggested for the ewe. Development of a gravid trap for collecting live malaria vectors Anopheles gambiae s.

Full Text Available Effective malaria vector control targeting indoor host-seeking mosquitoes has resulted in fewer vectors entering houses in many areas of sub-Saharan Africa, with the proportion of vectors Greenpeace vill ta ringhals ur bruk becoming more important in the transmission of this disease.

This study aimed to develop a gravid trap for the outdoor collection of the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae s. Experiments were implemented in an 80 m 2 semi-field system where gravid Anopheles gambiae s. The Box gravid trap was tested to determine if the presence of the trap over water and the trap's sound affected catch size. Mosquitoes approaching the treatment were evaluated using electrocuting nets or detergents added to the water in the trap.

Based on the results, a new gravid trap OviART trap that provided an open, unobstructed oviposition site was developed and evaluated. Based on these investigations, an effective gravid trap was developed that provides open landing space for egg-laying Anopheles.

Analysis of hyaluronic acid concentration in rat vocal folds during estral and gravidic puerperal cycles. Hormone plays an important role in the larynx. Among other substances, vocal folds contain hyaluronic acid, which tissue concentration may vary according to hormone action. In the first group we used 20 rats to establish the concentration of hyaluronic acid during the estral cycle and in the second group, 20 animals were submitted to the same procedure but during the gravidic -puerperal cycle.

Variations in hyaluronic acid concentration was not observed during the estral cycle. In the gravidic puerperal cycle group, an increase in hyaluronic acid concentration was observed Greenpeace vill ta ringhals ur bruk the puerperal subgroup. Comparing the two groups of estral and gravidic -puerperal cycles, no difference was observed. In comparing all subgroups of estral and gravidic -puerperal cycles, an increase in hyaluronic acid concentration was noticed only in the puerperal phase.

In most livebearing fish, the gravid spot is an excellent marker to identify brooding females, however its use to predict progress of embryonic development, brood size, timing of parturition and overall reproductive potential of populations remain unexplored. Therefore, to understand these relationships, this study quantified visual attributes intensity and size of the gravid spot in relation to key internal Greenpeace vill ta ringhals ur bruk in Gambusia holbrooki.

Observations show that the colour of the gravid spot arises from progressive melanisation on the surface of the ovarian sac at its hind margin, rather than melanisation of the developing embryos or the skin of the brooding mother.

More importantly, the gravid spot intensity and size were closely linked with both developmental stages and clutch size, suggesting their reliable Greenpeace vill ta ringhals ur bruk as external surrogates of key internal developmental in the species. However there was no significant difference in average number of fry parturated in the two temperature groups Pspot intensity is a reliable predictor of reproductive output.

The parturition in the species occurred predominantly in the morning and in contrast to earlier reports, tails of the fry emerged first with a few exceptions of head-first, twin and premature births.

This study demonstrates utility of the gravid spot for downstream reproductive investigations in a live-bearing fish both in the field and laboratory. The reproducibility of the relationships intensity with both developmental stage and clutch sizeimply that they are also relevant to wild populations that experience Greenpeace vill ta ringhals ur bruk temperature climes and stressors, significant deviations of which may serve as indicators of environmental health and.

Anopheles arabiensis is a key vector for the transmission of human malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. Sugarcane is the most expanding agricultural system in sub-Saharan Africa, and is linked to the increased threat of malaria in rural communities.

The prolific production and wind dispersal of sugarcane pollen, together with standing pools of water, often provide, as a result of irrigation, a nutrient-rich environment for the offspring of gravid malaria mosquitoes. In the present study, sugarcane pollen-associated volatiles from two cultivars are shown to attract gravid An. Through combined gas chromatography and electroantennographic detection, as well as combined gas chromatography and mass spectrometric analyses, we identified the bioactive volatiles and generated a synthetic blend that reproduced the full behavioural repertoire of gravid mosquitoes in the Y-tube assay.

Two subtractive odour blends, when compared with the full blend, were significantly more attractive. In pairwise comparisons, the rice synthetic odour blend was more attractive to gravid mosquitoes than either of the pollen blends, whereas the pollen blends did not differ in attraction. The attraction of gravid females to sugarcane pollen volatiles demonstrated in this study, together with the previously found grass-associated volatiles, raise the potential of developing a bioactive chimeric blend to attract gravid malaria mosquitoes.

This is discussed in relation to. Are powerful females powerful enough? Acceleration in gravid green iguanas Iguana iguana. One demand placed exclusively on the musculoskeletal system of females is maintaining locomotor performance with an increasing load over the reproductive cycle. Here, we examine whether gravid i. The increase in step duration and smaller increase in peak propulsive force suggests that gravid iguanas may be force-limited in the direction of motion.

We discuss how biomechanical constraints due to females' reproductive role may influence the evolution of the female musculoskeletal systems and contribute to the evolution and maintenance of ecological dimorphism in lizards. Rupture of the gravid uterus in a referral hospital in Niger Republic Rupture of the gravid uterus is a major cause of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality in developing countries.

A review of the clinical records of all cases of ruptured uterus managed at the Center Hospitalier Regional, Dosso, Niger Republic, between January and December were Incarceration of the retroverted gravid uterus: Four cases of incarceration of the retroverted gravid uterus are described.

One spontaneous correction Greenpeace vill ta ringhals ur bruk the third. Malaria and gravidity interact to modify maternal haemoglobin concentrations during pregnancy. Full Text Available Abstract Background Primigravidity is one of the main risk factors for both malaria and anaemia.

Since the implementation of intermittent preventive treatment IPTp in sub-Saharan Africa, the relationship between anaemia and gravidity and its evolution during pregnancy has been little explored.

This study aimed to evaluate the impact of gravidity on the variation of haemoglobin during pregnancy according to the timing of gestation. The impact of gravidity on maternal haemoglobin Hb was analysed using a logistic or linear regression depending on the outcome. The statistical significance was set to P Results In total, data from 3, pregnant women were analysed. Both univariate and multivariate analyses showed a constant association between Hb concentrations and gravidity in the three periods of Hb assessment ANV1, ANV2 and delivery.

In multigravidae, the improvement was less perceptible and anaemia was mainly due to iron deficiency. Electric nets and sticky materials for analysing oviposition Greenpeace vill ta ringhals ur bruk of gravid malaria vectors.

Oskarshamn och Äspölaboratoriet

Full Text Available Abstract Background Little is known about how malaria mosquitoes locate oviposition sites in nature. Such knowledge is important to help devise monitoring and control measures that could be used to target gravid females.

This study set out to develop a suite of tools that can be Greenpeace vill ta ringhals ur bruk to study the attraction of gravid Anopheles gambiae s.

Methods Firstly, the study developed and assessed methods for using electrocuting nets to analyse the orientation of gravid females towards an aquatic habitat. High and low energy settings were compared for mosquito electrocution and a collection device developed to retain electrocuted mosquitoes when falling to the ground. Secondly, a range of sticky materials and a detergent were tested to quantify if and where gravid females land to lay their eggs, by treating the edge of the ponds and the water surface.

A randomized complete block design was used for all experiments with mosquitoes released each day. Experiments were conducted in screened semi-field systems using insectary-reared An. We - and our partners - use cookies to deliver our services and to show you ads based on your interests.

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Forsmark, Oskarshamn och Ringhals som är i drift och Barsebäck anläggning utformas, uppförs, underhålls, drivs samt avvecklas och tas ur bruk. Items - of Det er lite som vites om bruk av urtemedisiner blant gravide i Mali. Det er heller ingen studier gjort fra healerens side. Studien var med.

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