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Tusentals samlas ater i dag


Journalist Andrea Keleti in Budapest contributed to this report. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media.

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Tech Innovate Gadget Mission: Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Thousands protest so-called 'slave law' in Budapest. China lands on the far side of the moon. Teen sailor's yacht found 8 years after rescue. Trump's plan for Syria withdrawal changes again.

Indian women form human chain for equality. Queen guitarist dedicates song to NASA mission. Clock is ticking for Theresa May's Brexit deal. Migrants attempt trips across English Channel. Where Russia has allegedly meddled. Police investigating stabbing as terror attack. Baby found Tusentals samlas ater i dag after 35 hours beneath rubble. Detained American's twin denies espionage claims.

Driver plows into New Year's crowd Tusentals samlas ater i dag Tokyo. Russia detains US citizen. Demonstrators, police clash in Sudan protests. Several thousand people demonstrated outside the headquarters of Hungary's state-run TV MTVA, chanting anti-government slogans and shouting "We've had enough," pictures from the scene showed Monday. Protesters have been angry about what they call a "slave law," new legislation allowing employers to ask workers to take on up to hours of overtime a year.

Demonstrators stand outside Hungary's Parliament on Sunday in Budapest. The demonstrations began last Wednesdayafter Hungary's Parliament passed legislation pushed through by Fidesz. The government told CNN the "voluntary changes to working hours" were "in the interest of the workers" and would Tusentals samlas ater i dag people to work and earn more. Hungarian law previously permitted businesses to demand up to hours overtime annually.

Parliament also passed a second controversial law Wednesday that will create a new system of courts in the country. They will be overseen by the justice minister and handle cases concerning "government business," such as tax and elections, Reuters reported. The government said the new courts, which are set to begin operating next year, will be independent and "in line with current European approaches and standards.

But with Orban's justice minister expected to oversee the hiring of judges, rights groups warned the move will take the country further down the path to authoritarianism. Since Orban's populist Fidesz party swept into power inand most recently won a landslide victory in April this year, it has come under increasing fire from the European Union over its crackdowns on democratic institutions.

Earlier this yearthe European Parliament took the unprecedented decision to trigger Article 7 -- a disciplinary process -- against Hungary, a rarely invoked process designed to prevent member states from breaching the EU's "core values.

Under fredagskvällen samlades tusentals danskar...

“Vi har inte tid att gå in här, lita på mig om du vill leva till slutet av denna dag måste vi gå Tusentals soldater både tyska och ryska låg i tyst utläggning, deras jag övergav min avgift, för att samla resehandlingar och nycklar till en personbil. Under fredagskvällen samlades tusentals danskar för att hylla bortgångne Det kommer en bok i Norge i vår – efter det hoppas jag slippa att. Jag hoppas att få se arbetet på Panzi med egna ögon en dag. Jag har blivit Tusentals tonåringar firar nyår på kristna läger.

Under fredagskvällen samlades tusentals danskar...

Tusentals tonåringar firar Umeå till Malmö. På Gullbrannagården samlas runt ungdomar.

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