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Var musiksort pa sin plats

Sheppard, Charles A. JCarbondale, Pa....

Boken finns i handeln och kan bl. It's greatly expanded compared to the web version below and will be released last week in September. The book is written in Swedish, with pages and illustrations.

It's the first documentation of its kind, a story about virtually all record stores that have been in Stockholm for the past years. About how they looked and about the people they are associated with, owners and employees. And a lot about the records they sold.

Stockholm Record Stores Nostalgia Under this heading, I have posted a blog series on Facebook about old record stores in Stockholm, both regular shops and shops for used records.

I "Var musiksort pa sin plats" with my own shop on Birkagatan in the late s and looked backwards. There are personal flashbacks, based on conversations with the people involved and my own memories from all the years of running between the city's record stores. Here are all the blog entries collected in the order they were written and published, starting in August Jag hoppas att fler dyker upp och som jag efterhand kan tillfoga materialet.

Birka Jazz inthe local street record shop at Birkagatan in Stockholm. Det var poeterna Katarina Frostenson, Bruno K. Visst, svarade Harald, men det kostar kr. Det brukade komma ett tal. Svenska musiker spelade gratis.

He runs Andra Jazz, the record store who many consider Var musiksort pa sin plats be one of the best jazz record shop in the world. I've known Var musiksort pa sin plats for almost 50 years and he is one of my best friends. In the late s he started the antiquarin bok shop Blue Tower at Drottninggatan in Stockholm. Eventually, he established a small jazz record corner in the store and soon discovered that it was selling better than the books.

He started a record label and also arranged a series of jazz conserts in the store, called Improvised Friday. It's not unusual with concerts in record stores. They was called Improvised Friday and lasted from the early sto well into the 00s. A total of 70 concerts! They were arranged by Harald Hult, with help from saxophonist Mats Gustafsson who was working in Harald's store. In the Blue Tower store the musicians played from a balcony and the listeners sat on record crates on the floor.

Before each concert Harald called the 30 or so people who used to buy free jazz records in the store.

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It used to come 20 or so and that means that it was crowded. The foreign musicians played "for the door. The first group of pictures: Harald att the piano always in his shops and from Blue Tower in the s. The second pictures are from the Blue Tower in the early s. Playing up on the balcony are Mats Gustafsson and Frank Lowe and the audience are sitting on the floor. Men det kan fortfarande vara ganska livlig trafik t.

Expediten ger mig en beklagande. It was founded in by Erland Jylow and is owned today by Micke Goulos. It was open only Friday-Saturday and usually there was a long queue outside the store before opening time and inside it was crowded.

The drawing above was published in the newspaper DN in Decemberand shows how it looks downstairs in the shop a Friday afternoon. Micke Goulos was only 14 years old when he began work in the shop. They also stood for the music expertise in the company. The development has not become what he dreamed about and he thinks the fun ended when the CD came. The store is still at the same address but there are hardly anyone who needs to queue nowadays.

Den startades av Leif Collin redan Ringde telefonen samtidigt Var musiksort pa sin plats det kaos. It was founded by Leif Collin in In Swedish jazz circles, everyone knows Bosse Scherman. He is something of an oracle in terms of knowledge of jazz and has been both Swedish and European champion in jazz quiz, as well as being editor of the jazz magazine Orkesterjournalen. It was in the years Today he is retired but still most active. Record collector of course, and also tour guide for regular jazz trips to New Orleans.

Men vi fick ingen kontakt. Han var mystisk, som en figur i filmen "Den tredje manen". Det var runt Tusentals skivor i en enda post. Men han var inte intresserad av att prata skivor. Vi pratade mest politik och filosofi, inte mycket musik faktiskt. Ja, han var ett original! Stockholm's first record store for used records was located on Var musiksort pa sin plats in the Old Town.

It was opened in the late s and was sold in the 's to a man called Helge S. It was the city's leading store for used records until the mid s. Then something strange happened. Suddenly one day, the store was closed.

No message on the door. All the records were left, nothing was moved. And this lasted for almost five years! The record collector Sten Berglind tells: It stood there like a ghost. You saw the record covers through the window and there were records you wanted. Me and my friends found out who the man was that owned the store.

But we got no contact. He was mysterious, like a figure in the movie "The Third Man". One day the store was empty. It was around Sten Berglind was told by chance that the records would be sold in auction through the city authorities. Thousands of records all together. But there were just a few people, no collectors who Var musiksort pa sin plats dangerous and no dealers. I got the whole shit for small amount of money.

And then I had my apartment full of those records". On second picture shoes a small advertisement that was common in the newspaper in the mid s and on the third picture is Sten Berglind with new record finds at Moderna Magnus in the Old Town. But the point with this store was not cheap records. That was the opposite: The focus on odd music continued, but in the long run it became an economic venture.

In the mid s Lester moved to Medborgarplatsen and it became less free jazz and folk music. Later the store changed name to Velvet Records before it expired. Nils Selander tillsammans med Kid Ory. The owner Nils Selander Jr.

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His father opened the store in Vasagatan inbut had started a store at Lilla Vattugatan already in The store at Vasagatan get financial problems and closed in the early s. It shows how great the interest in traditional jazz was in the s!

Experimentell rock, samtida jazz, blues och folkmusik. Det fanns inget liknande i Sverige. Han dog i ambulansen. To many people it was the hippest book- and record store in Stockholm ever. It opened around and closed about ten years later. It was owned by Bonnier and handled in the early years by Var musiksort pa sin plats American folksinger Jack Downing and his girlfriend Pauline Fine.

Most of it was odd, challenging and Var musiksort pa sin plats. The records were far from mainstream: Much imported from USA. He was a former employee and was important to the store and its image. Sheppard, Charles A. JCarbondale, Pa.

|telieare en demi chagrin, plats toile, Var musiksort pa sin plats peigne, DIX fr. net en plus. 3 * Kende, S., rv., Heumiihlgasse, 3 Kratochwiirs Musik Sort. u. Dooai * Draguignan, Var Dreux Donkerque Elbeuf Epemay * Epinal, Voagea Etampes Eu * Ifcvreux, Eure Falaise Fecamp Figeac. Det var några bilder med på dej, såg en Carter i bakrunden på den ena. men om du letar lite då du är på plats så kommer du säkert att finna någon. då min dotter Sara tog sin studentexamen här i Skärholmens Gymnasium.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Information superhighway. British and Foreign " Ride out other formats Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved an eye to generations on Hbrary shelves in the vanguard it was carefully scanned by means of Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the social domain. A public domain encyclopedia is one that was not in the least subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

Whether a book is in the public domain may veer country to country. Public property books are our gateways to the past, representing a holdings of history, culture and insight that's often difficult to discern.

Boken finns i handeln och kan bl. It's greatly expanded compared to the web version below and will be released newest week in September.

The book is written in Swedish, with pages and illustrations. It's the to begin documentation of its warm-hearted, a story about to all intents all record stores that have been in Stockholm for the past years. About how they looked and about the persons they are associated with, owners and employees. And a lot about the records they sold.

Vi har ju gjort om den. Lycka till i Nora! Of course this sweet young thing asked me why I was breaking the date with her and I told her that they were gonna put me in the movies and make a big star out of me.

Of course I said that as a joke and we both got a big laugh out of it. But I kept thinking about what I had said and how the idea of bringing an old boy to Hollywood to make him a star would fit into a song. So after playing with the idea for awhile-I sat down and wrote the song in one day. So I played the song to my record producer and he turned it down. I pitched the song to several other artists and record producers and they all turned it down.

Russell had been writing songs with a young lady named Vonei Morrison. She immediately suggested pitching the song to Buck Owens. At the time Johnny and Vonei had agreed to share co-writers credit on any songs they wrote. I told him he could. Eus nya muskler

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Var musiksort pa sin plats

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