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Ett hogriskprojekt


Uppsala Universitet och Karolinska Institutet om bioetik. Mobiltelefonen har blivit prylen som vi fyller med mobil elektronik. Detta innan tragedier, som den i Washington DC, blir verklighet igen. Sture Henckel Publicerad 27 oktober Behavior Modification and Accelerated Resocialization 4. Real-Time Subconscious Implant Delivery: Prescheduled Subconscious Implant Delivery: Event-Triggered conditional Implant Delivery: Stage 1 Prescreen Evaluation: Religious Relevance and Convictions: Stage 3 Extreme Process: Increasing Dependence on Drugs and Alcohol: Degrading Spelling and Grammatical Performance: Loose Association and Personality Disorders: Tactile, Olfactory hallucinations and Muscle Spasms: It offers a new explanation Ett hogriskprojekt government mind control.

Will has stated to me that he is a former consultant to the U. National Security Agency and asked me to post this information Ett hogriskprojekt. He also believes he is in immediate danger Ett hogriskprojekt of this information. Used on foreign and domestic diplomats, spies, and citizens to gather intelligence, steal advanced technology for US Defense applications.

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Heavy survey use during times of war, economic strife and political elections. Used to identify investments that have high Ett hogriskprojekt to support clandestine operations. Used to direct field agents without the agents having to carry communications hardware and encryption devices. Used on foreign and domestic diplomats, spies, and citizens to identify intelligence operations; scope, participants, communication methods, and weaknesses in individuals, systems, equipment, Ett hogriskprojekt signals that can be exploited.

Additional applications include misinformation dissemination, confusing and confounding leaders during critical decision moments, distorting significance of various facts to sway decisions and actions in US favor, behavioral modification of foreign spies to betray their loyalties, self initiated executions suicides.

Behavior Modification Ett hogriskprojekt Accelerated Resocialization: This "Ett hogriskprojekt" is used to develop and control spies, political candidates, and other public figures through psychological intimidation, fear and extortion. The technology is also used to monitor and optimize NSA employee performance and loyalty. The act of bringing back past memories in a subject though the use of hypnosis. The memories can be very vivid and real in the mind of the subject. Temporary loss of memory due to a posthypnotic suggestion.

Same as Posthypnotic Suggestion.


A subconscious suggestion or command resident and potentially active in the subject following a hypnotic trance or period of direct access to the subconscious mind. A subject deprived from REM Sleep has multiple symptoms i. Long term REM Deprivation results in death. A carefully constructed series of words arranged in the form of a posthypnotic suggestion. The script will generally consist of four separate parts.

An abnormal condition of sleep in which motor acts like walking, running are performed. This state is typically achieved and a prerequisite to traditional hypnosis. Nearly microscopic electronic surveillance devices that collect and transmit encrypted audio, color video, and location coordinates collected at the subject site to NSA Satellites that in turn forward it to NSA central intelligence operations.

These devices are approximately the size of the head of a straight pin Ett hogriskprojekt can be concealed in houses, offices, automobiles, planes, and street corners. Thought Labels Response Labels: Have you ever watched a baseball game? Did you see the catcher and pitcher communicate using a series of itches, baseball cap rearrangement, Ett hogriskprojekt clothing tugs?

Lets discuss how an itch, clothing tug or even an innocent sneeze can be used to label a thought. The NSA combines hypnosis and thought labels to interrogate people without the subject being aware of it. The subconscious mind operates at a Ett hogriskprojekt of about to words per minute. This is many times faster than the conscious mind that operates at to WPM Ett hogriskprojekt per minute.

The posthypnotic script can be spoken at fast conversational speed approximately WPM and a recorder or a computer speeds up the message up to approximately to WPM. Remember what happens when you play a 33 rpm record at 78 rpm?

The resulting voice sound like the old American cartoon characters the Chipmunks. This is only slightly past doubling 2X the delivery speed. At speeds as high as WPM, the voices would sound like a high pitched chattering whine.

In the early years of this technology, the NSA originally recorded a spoken posthypnotic suggestion message into a tape deck and sped it up by speeding up the tape. This process was labor intensive, required each officer to have excellent diction and mastery of the language and dialect required, and was of poor quality due to background noise and the delay in timing during recording and processing.

Now computers are used to append digitized samples of optimized, ideal phonemes together to form words and the words are sped-up to the correct delivery speed. Where dialects are present, a different set of base phonemes is used. Currently, to optimize efficiency and accommodate the variety of languages on the planet, phonetic elements from each language and distinct dialect are sampled, digitally edited to optimize them, and appended during delivery to form words and words arranged to "Ett hogriskprojekt" sentences in the from of scripts that resemble hypnotic suggestions.

The empty space between words is minimized and pitch rise is compressed and filtered. This reduces the actual length of the time it takes the phoneme to be delivered prior to accelerating speeding-up the delivery like fast forward. The subconscious mind is also very sensitive. It can hear Ett hogriskprojekt that the conscious mind ignores. The subconscious mind can hear and discern the message even when there is background noise like waves, cars, Ett hogriskprojekt, or even when someone else is speaking to you in normal conversation.

If you are very attentive you may hear what sounds like a low-pitched tape on fast forward, and played at low volume. This modification of the phonetic elements, played at low volume, combined with the environmental background noise makes it very difficult for a subject to record the NSA message. To briefly summarize, the subject would have no chance in analyzing a NSA message without the following items:.

Professional state-of-the-art technology recording equipment. Digital acoustic wave editing equipment. Advanced engineering knowledge of acoustic wave science.

Phonetics and linguistics expertise. Hypnosis theory and scripting. Ideal environmental conditions for recording. This technology is the perfect intelligence tool. It is nearly impossible to detect or measure, difficult to trace back to the NSA. The subject does not know the source of the technology or the technology itself, the subject has no proof or evidence, only their perception, suffering, and isolation. Additionally, potential recourses that Ett hogriskprojekt available to the subject can be interrogated out and Ett hogriskprojekt actions taken by the NSA to further isolate or disable the subject.

The NSA technique is simple; they transmit their human programming message through the audio-visual electronic surveillance equipment installed in your home, car, or office to you. Jones, imagine that the IRS were auditing your taxes. Think back to a time you have cheated on your taxes and that you are worried that the IRS might find out in an audit. If you have never cheated on your taxes and have nothing to fear you will feel an itch on your right-hand ear lobe that will go away when you scratch it.

If you can be caught by an IRS audit, you will feel an itch in the left nostril of your nose that will disappear after you itch it twice. This is a very oversimplified example of a typical NSA interrogation. Actual interrogation messages may consist of several hundred words and be very complex and sophisticated.

Most messages consist of several dozen words. As you Ett hogriskprojekt imagine, the spy world has reached a new plateau that directly affects every person in the USA Ett hogriskprojekt abroad. This electronic surveillance system extends down through Mexico, Central America, and deep into populated regions of South America. It also has been installed in Australia, Africa, and the free-world countries in "Ett hogriskprojekt." They are almost there now, but are having difficulties with high-tech countries that have the counterintelligence resources to identify the high frequency bursts of microwave transmission from the transceivers.

This file can be used to locate the subject later by comparing it to real-time surveillance audio samples received from the field as long as the subject is speaking in close proximity to a transceiver. If Ett hogriskprojekt person is aware that the NSA has this capability and remains silent, the NSA can transmit a periodic worldwide subliminal message Ett hogriskprojekt addresses the person by name and causes them to dream and talk in their sleep.

Yes, it is a small world, and getting smaller all the time. A University of California at Berkley student that went into a bar on or around November 27, took hostages and Ett hogriskprojekt to the police that the CIA Director talk with him so that he could get relief Ett hogriskprojekt the suffering.

The young Ett hogriskprojekt had sent letters to the president and the CIA but the requests had fallen on deaf ears. The NSA had been unsuccessfully brainwashing him and had no alternative but to terminate him to assure their security.

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Cobain had started writing clues to the NSA activities into his Ett hogriskprojekt to communicate it to his music followers.

Once the NSA puts on the highest level of brainwashing pain, the subject expires quickly. Cobain used heroin to numb and otherwise slow the effect of the brainwashing. These men were subjected to the same technology and processes that the U. Musical references of NSA Technology: Forhammar, Ett hogriskprojekt.

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and Nelson, M. (eds) () Funktionshinder i ett historiskt perspektiv. Meeuwisse, A. () Ett högriskprojekt: Om missbrukarrehabilitering på. med Scocco/Maggio, kan det närmast beskrivas som ett högriskprojekt. Föga förvånande klarar Petra Marklund av det med hedern i behåll. Det är ett högriskprojekt, som Ett hogriskprojekt öppnar för nya perspektiv och samarbetsytor mellan telekommunikationsföretag och neurvetenskap, sammanfattar stiftelsens.

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