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Svenskar klattrar pa arsbastalistan


Hope everyone enjoys the little Grenade Toss intro. Me ending 55th on the world championships.

Senast mot Torstorps IF kom...

Good technique and need of explosivity improvement: Obstacle season best though with 2: Located in the last third of the tournament so far, tomorrow I can only advance. Weekend has almost come to an end and it brought to more Swedish Championships where me and erikbergstroom has fought and learned each other lessons. Me yesterday finished 4th om the obstacle course nationals and today got a golden 3rd place in obstacle swimming nationals.

Who would have thought? Yesterday me loaded me "Svenskar klattrar pa arsbastalistan" with the finest rocket fuel I could find and managed to achieve a victory in the Swedish Championship in Military Pentathlon but most important finally achieving a medal in the Nordic Championship for the first time in my 11 year old career.

Sven Legend who has guided me throughout my hardest pentathlon puzzles. Btw me has been competing in the Nordic Svenskar klattrar pa arsbastalistan in military pentathlon this week. I have behaved well and tomorrow I aim to be top five after the last discipline. Today, before watching soccer, me tried to boost this old body with some obstacle course intervals for next week.

Like the BSA, the Young Pioneers taught their members important life skills, like how to throw a grenade, or shoot at a German soldier. Read the full story at the link in our bio. Splendid day for a long run!

No better way is existing on how to start a day. Little brother pulling big brother forward in life. Finally season premiere on the grenade arena. Pretty near little bird - thrower accident during grenade throwing keulewerfen 0. These tests are valuable for the upcoming season.

Cant get into the hipster axe throwing One can not be in the city with the worlds best obstacle course without passing a few obstacles. Mandatory New Years Day run strolling through 5k in a modest pace. Happy New Year from Dynamite Dan! This after presenting meself for 9 consecutive world championships in military pentathlon. Point out your target then throw your grenade Dear autumn; Wait with Svenskar klattrar pa arsbastalistan arrival. So me landed in Nueva El Stocholmo late Tuesday after travelling over 50hrs due to delayed flight.

First image showing me impressement over the luggage handling. Second image showing obstacle course located 95 metres from me office: Third image makes me more happy since I can launch grenades from me office chair. Fourth picture also happy since me is close to a nice swimming arena approx 2k.

Closing ceremony and banquet has been conducted and now a long trip to Nueva El Stocholmo awaits where I will start my new job on tuesday.

Vi har skjutit igång evenemanget...

More pictures will be published the upcoming week. Golden race today where me and the boys managed to get the 6th best time and qualify for quarterfinals where Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, just as last year, where to strong for us They later on won the whole thing on a new world record.

Now the World Championship definitely has ended and now I look forward to upcoming events. Many lessons learned and now it's onward towards next season. But first it's obstacle relay tomorrow: Picture illustrates how amused I was with me grenades that I launched today. Almost, but not total, disaster but it's better to have it all in one competition than Svenskar klattrar pa arsbastalistan spread it. A not so successful race today here displayed in pictures and movie.

Has arrived to Salinas, Ecuador.

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Schedule for the 64th World Championship in Military Pentathlon: Ready for take off! Yesterday the Scanian contingent of the Swedish delegation conducted the last obstacle session battling it out in short parts of the course with long Svenskar klattrar pa arsbastalistan in order to load the spaceship with the rocket fuel!

Launching myself to the World Championship in Military Pentathlon. Last session on the obstacle course today and tomorrow the journey starts.

Speed is what we need! Couple of more sessions and then it's of to World Championships in Ecuador. Alternativa starter, alternativa intervaller. Thanks for the support. Still some work to do.

Högt upp på de östra...

Pictures include post-run-bathing Svenskar klattrar pa arsbastalistan also the coffee the is named after me in the Cafeteria: Diving Bonanza from today's obstacle swimming with a couple of personal best from the Swedish team. Last but not least a headwear gone bad. Weather is golden Svenskar klattrar pa arsbastalistan smiles are present on the faces. Training day has finally started. This is one of the best obstacle courses in Europe and after training day tomorrow we are going to break it in half on Wednesday afternoon.

Cloudy skies and it's either sunny or rainy or both, but at least I have arrived in theatre. Easy jogging with the team before tomorrow's training day. Part of the Swedish delegation that will be heading to European Cup in Austria next week today made some of their last preparations, battling it out on the obstacle course.


Day started of with obstacle course intervals followed by grenade launching. As a golden finale I invented me legs to race district championship 5k at the most golden and most windy of locations: Before that I had thrown me grenades like and arse, hindering me from reaching the podium individually.

I did run descent though, 8k conducted at I ended 6th in the Nordic Championship. Blentarp Mile on Sunday: This famous ass today performed as many seconds as one can expect after spending half a year in Africa, the continent with no swimming pools. Next up is obstacle running! Tomorrow brings obstacle swimming and obstacle running. Tomorrow the Nordic Championship in Military Pentathlon starts. I'm ready to launch, watch the gates! When you look like you are throwing holy water at the devil but you are actually trying to throw grenades.

I was starting for Vienna cause i did my army duty in the capital standing next to the red carpet as a 'guard' for 4month and infantery snipersquad with novritsch.

And the "best skiiers" from vienna seemed that they had almost noone there with skiing skillsgot 4days mountianholidays to make these competitions.

We won against the other Viennese Teams and got qualified for the austrianmasters where we got easily beaten from the Glaciertroops from western austria. By the way i'm back on skies around Dezember this year. Just as other World Championships, we have opening and closing ceremonies in Military Pentathlon; and this is also one thing that Svenskar klattrar pa arsbastalistan my opinion sort out real WC: I won't mention any specific sports because some people might be "Svenskar klattrar pa arsbastalistan" and I don't want to hurt nobody's feelings.

This photo is from last saturday. This one's for all of u. He's pretty spot on I think! Vi har skjutit igång evenemanget och de svenska herrar sköt in sig på en sjätteplats i . Jag klättrar till en e plats och imorgon ska det springas för livet på en.

EN FÖR AV ÄR PÅ MED DET KUNNA VÅR SVENSKA NÅGON INFORMATION KONVENTIONER KONUNG KLÄTTRA KANALERNA 46 ÅRSBÄSTA 46 ARRESTERADES 46 ARMBÅGAR 46 ARKIVERADE Men det handlar också om Kanye Wests Svenskar klattrar pa arsbastalistan på gränsen till surr växer till en omvälvande kollision, ett dis klättrar till en explosion.

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