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Skilsmassa ingen katastrof for barnen


Here you will find some information on our work in English and how to contact us.

Support Save the Children Norway

This means we will continue our work in areas where we have documented good results for children especially education and child rights governanceand explore new fields such as health and new areas of protection. Our vision is a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Our mission is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

Save the Children Norway has the technical expertise and capacity to deliver Skilsmassa ingen katastrof for barnen, even more so as we are joining forces with the global Save the Children. Our advocacy and campaign work addresses the rights of the poorest and most marginalized children and towards Governments to close the opportunity gaps and ensure equitable progress and outcomes for children.

Save the Children fights for children's right to education, health and enough to eat, and to live in peace and with hope for the future. These are mainly abroad. Save the Children Norway is a non-governmental member organization with no party political or religious ties. Their goal was to create a powerful international organization, which would extend its ramifications Skilsmassa ingen katastrof for barnen the remotest corner of the globe.

This was soon achieved — and Save the Children continues to build on this success. Eglantyne Jebb was the first to press for worldwide safeguards for children. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted by the United Nations in and now ratified by nearly Skilsmassa ingen katastrof for barnen countries worldwide, has its roots in her pioneering work.

Read more about Eglantyne Jebb here. Austrian and German children arrive Norway on summer vacation escaping the difficult post-war situation for a couple of weeks. Save the Children Norway starts its first planned project with a duration of various years in Tanzania against leprocy. The collected fundings are spent on building schools in Algeria.

En ren och skär katastrof....

An earth quake in Guatamala takes more than 25, lives. The catastrophy leads to a pioneer co operation between several Save the Children organisations. It also leads to new ways of working and a whole new international organisation: The Save the Children Alliance. The results are NOK 44 million, 3, new individual sponsors, new members and friends.

Han hyllade initiativet och tog...

Save the Children has its second Telehon. The results are NOK million, 12, new individual sponsors.

-Det gick inte att diskutera...

The world first summit on children is held in New York. Save the Children Norway has their third Telethon. Save the Children arranges Operation Days Work for the first time since This year's project is called Violence Free Schools.

English Here you will find some information on our work in English and how to contact us. Press, Save the Children's youth organisation, starts its first group. NOK million Synes du flere burde lese dette?

Flera döda i tågolycka på...

Det är mycket torrt i marken på Höglandet och i Jönköpings län och både MSB och räddningstjänsten och länsstyrelsen varnar för brandrisken. En nål kostar 49 kronor och bidrar till att vaccinera 12 barn mot polio. Stort tack till alla som kom förbi och engagerade sig och stort tack till alla. Han hyllade initiativet och tog konflikt mot de som tillskrev barnen i Rinkeby.

-Det gick inte att diskutera...

Det finns ingen rimlighet att sådan tydlig bevisning ska förbises.