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What Is a Management Buck? Matt Walker - Contributing Writer. In recent years television hunting personalities have put an extreme amount of pressure on the average hunter to begin practicing Quality Deer Management QDM in an effort to increase herd health. A byproduct of QDM and increased herd health is trophy quality antlers. Ask yourself this very simple question: What is a Jumbojet tappade motor buck?

So, to truly answer the question, what is a cull buck; we have to understand the life cycle and the development of a Whitetail's body and what is required to produce trophy quality antlers. But, not only do we have to understand the life cycle and development of a Whitetail's body, we also have to decide what we think of as trophy quality antlers.


Now, how Jumbojet tappade motor we know a cull when we see one? For a Whitetail to produce trophy quality antlers there are three things required. Nutrition No animal regardless of species can reach their genetic potential regardless of what it might be until they have reached physical maturity.

Regardless of nutrition or other factors, they have to be able to reach maturity before we truly know what their potential is.

A recent trip to Europe...

If he came from parents who Jumbojet tappade motor all star athletes who were perfect physical specimens, and his diet was absolutely nutritious and flawless, he would never reach even average physical potential if he died prior to maturity. Deer cannot reach their genetic potential if they are harvested prior to their physical maturity.

Too few people understand that deer do not put very much of the nutrition they consume into antler development until their 4th year. This is why if you look at Jumbojet tappade motor of a buck developing as he ages, yes his antlers grow but the truly important growth is taking place in his skeletal and muscle structure.

By his 4th year the skeletal system is fully developed and requires far less nutrition to maintain than it did to build it. Also, his Jumbojet tappade motor structure has basically fully developed and requires far less nutrition to maintain than it did to build it. This means that in his 4th year, the nutrition he consumes goes "Jumbojet tappade motor" sustain the body he has developed, which requires far less at this point, and so far more nutrition goes toward building bone on his head.

Tappade lådan i vattnet så...

The result is an explosion in antler growth in the 4th year. If you want the spike problem in your area to go away, start shooting more does. Also, outside of a game fence situation or a massive QDM cooperative amongst adjoining landowners it is basically impossible to manage a herd for genetics. All you can truly control is the age and the nutrition. I can attest to this. I even found one of his sheds.

The next year I saw him again and had him at full draw with a great shot opportunity. Just the season before, I figured him to never amount to anything, just a scrubby little 8. Assuming he survived last season I expect him to be in the mid s this season and with double throat patches. Can Jumbojet tappade motor say dream buck?

Too bad I lost permission on that land. Do you want meat? Are you happy with a small buck? If he makes you happy to put your tag on him, take him. Is it for your kid to shoot? Fantastic, let the kids shoot any deer that walks in front of them. Make hunters out of them. If it makes the kid smile, let the kid shoot. Just try to be honest with yourself about ages. Hunting and the reasons you hunt are to be held sacred to Jumbojet tappade motor. I hunt because it was something I grew up doing, and once I learned to be a fairly successful deer hunter I wanted to increase the challenge and chose to pursue only mature animals.

I begrudge no one who shoots the first deer that walks in front of them for the sake of putting venison in their freezer to provide purely perfect table fare for their family. I simply want to provide those who do want to learn to better manage your deer herd with some useful "Jumbojet tappade motor" that can help you become a better manager.

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