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Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller


I korthet blir svaret: Reeling from the shock of slaughter on Institutskaya Street and struggling to interpret the political vacuum in the aftermath of Maidan, all the while searching for a fugitive ex-president and fretting over large Russian troop movements toward the Ukrainian border, members of the press and official onlookers were diverted from disquieting events in Crimea. In holding Crimea, Vladimir Putin puts the validity of the May 25 election in question since Ukraine and the international community rightly regard the peninsula as part of sovereign Ukraine — and, under Russian rule, no election can be held there.

On the other hand, for Putin to question the validity, he must concede that Crimea is part of Ukraine — something that he is unlikely to do after formally annexing it into Russia and forcibly Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller its inhabitants as Russian subjects.

A dead end Seen purely from a strategic and geopolitical perspective, Crimea is a cul-de-sac. While the peninsula has some value as a bargaining chip in the struggle over Ukrainian hegemony and rather a lot of value as source of petroleum products, its value as military strongpoint is debatable.

On the other hand, holding Crimea means that a westward-leaning Ukraine cannot use it, on her own or by way of NATO installations, as a base for airpower and missile canopies aimed like a dagger straight at the Russian heartland.

In holding Crimea, and keeping Ukraine off-balance, Russia ensures her own national security. The drawbacks of holding Crimea are manifold: Further costs and trajectories Crimea, however, is merely an intermediate stop on a long journey that, depending on your outlook, has either barely begun or has been ongoing since To consummate the annexation of Crimea, Russia must perforce establish an overland link by conquest of southern Ukraine or by the construction of a billion ruble road and rail bridge over the Kerch strait.

Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller latter option has been advertised and tenders are already flowing inaccording to Russian news agency Itar-Tass.

The project, if realized, will stand ready by Until then, and unless other developments precede it, Crimea will remain forcibly isolated.

Further conquest of southern Ukraine, tentatively begun by destabilization of the Donbass region, will almost certainly come at a high premium of international condemnation, sanction and perhaps Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller full-scale war. However, let us leave Crimea, south Ukraine and Transnistria for a moment and speculate on what Putin may do next, elsewhere.

Whereas the latter — by way of infiltration, subversion, ethnic pressure, propaganda and outright sabotage — is likely, Putin could well take a more roundabout route in his bid to isolate the Baltic States.

Polisen stoppade ett fordon för...

The island is virtually undefended by the Swedish armed forces: The crews, however, must first assemble and journey to Gotland before the hardware can be taken out of storage, fueled, readied for combat, deployed and, eventually, used. Sweden is of course aware of this considerable strategic weakness but does precious little to ameliorate the situation. Instead of turning Gotland, its most valuable asset par excellence, into a bastion of military and political security, Sweden wilfully allows it to drift alone and gift-wrapped in a sea of hostility.

It must surely rank as the greatest military and political blunder of our generation. Russian S and S batteries deployed to Kaliningrad, Belorussia and on Russian territory near the Baltic borders effectively prohibit NATO air assets from operating over its member states.

In case of war these batteries are primary first-strike targets for NATO, lest the alliance Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller air superiority in the Baltics without a fight — which would make any fight on the ground a thoroughly losing proposition. The only instance where NATO might consider an attack against Russian missiles on Swedish territory would be if Article 5 had been invoked by enemy action in any of the Baltic States, and even so it would be a "Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller," non-prioritized proposition.

This leaves Sweden, floundering politically and scrambling militarily, to react, alone, to the very situation its armed forces have been practicing for twenty years. Sweden must now mobilize and counter-invade Gotland from a position of extreme disadvantage. The practicalities and associated difficulties of mobilizing, transporting and deploying a variety of military assets for a counterstroke against Gotland are as numerous as embarrassing.

For an extended background, have a look at this blog in Swedish. That aside, and considering that the enemy is already well emplanted on Gotland, AND considering that a counter-invasion of Gotland can only hope to be successful in an environment of friendly air superiority, AND considering that this requires neutralization of Russian long-to-medium range air-defence capability, what would a Swedish airforce response entail?

Here is a short breakdown:. Given that a certain percentage is always unavailable due to upgrades, repair and overhaul, it is fair to reckon with a grand total of 60 mission-capable aircraft.

Of these 60, any sane commander will keep half, or at the least 24 aircraft, in reserve. That leaves 36 aircraft distributed between three wings, two of them based in the south of Sweden.

Thus, the two wings of F7 and F17 will bear the brunt of "Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller" combat mission to Gotland, in this scenario deploying all of its non-reserve strength to attack three Russian missile sites near the invasion port of Slite: This assumes that the full establishment is fully operational, which, of course, it is not.

Next, battle plans and deployment for combat: If we plan from a best-case perspective, such as the Swedish airforce does, the difficulties of timing and sequencing of missions are considerable enough even for a daytime, blue-sky scenario.

I will leave the more intricate details out of this narrative and concentrate on the numbers; for a single strike against three dimensionally separate target areas, each comprising multiple targets, we will need the following:. An additional 4 Gripens accompany the strike force in recon mode with the double mission of serving as decoy to divert enemy attention and capability while the main force attacks.

They will have their hands Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller as the Russian airforce based in Kaliningrad, Belorussia and Russia proper outnumber them by a wide margin.

Nevertheless, they forge ahead, for better or for worse. Russian short-medium range SAM systems covering the grand prize. The bombs are guided down to their targets by special forces operatives on the ground, pointing laser designators at individual targets. Without JTAC operatives on the ground, this mission is suicidal.

Strike and Escort The main strike package comprising one full division of eight Gripens motor in from high to medium altitude 15,—20, ft at full speed to minimize their stay in the enemy SAM envelope, lightly covered by an additional eight Gripens in the A2A configuration, operating in pairs. These eight Gripens and their sixteen laser-guided bombs must close to within 8 nautical miles 14 km of their intended targets, which, given a dispersed deployment on the ground, requires the strike division to separate in pairs.

Thus the main strike force can go after no more than four ground targets in total, and, assuming that each pair is assigned one target each with the wingman operating as back-up, the whole enterprise relies on accurate laser-designation provided by the wingman and the delivery of eight bombs.

The SAM radar envelope with target depicted in the lower right corner. The strike will have to pass into more than two thirds of the missile envelope to deliver its payload. Image from FOI report []. Again, this little scenario assumes that the Swedish airforce operates at peak capacity and that the enemy response is weak to middling.

This is actually the crux of the matter: Only those in the know can tell to what extent friction, interference, faulty or lack of intelligence, combat loss and suboptimal weather conditions factor in during airforce planning and exercises.


As if that was not enough, the Swedish airforce does not practice low altitude ingress and weapons delivery anywhere close to requisite levels of building or maintaining pilot experience. This particular item on the curricullum has taken a back seat, for years, mainly due to budget cuts but also to divergent priorities. Parting shot To conclude this rambling account of what may or, hopefully, may not come to pass, Sweden has, today, Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller NO defence of Gotland and, arguably, ONE shot at plinking the windshield of a medium-to-sizeable Russian missile installation on the island.

After this one shot, I submit that the Swedish airforce is more or less spent. Pray that it will never have to come to this. And arm up for the eventuality! This treatise was inspired by the following posts: RB 15 cannot be carried by Gripen-E, only by the current Gripen-C, and is anyway an aging weapon in process of being phased out. Delivery parameters are somewhat more forbidding for the Maverick compared to the Paveway: Under normal conditions and against a small, camouflaged target, the pilot must likely close to within 10 km and below 20, ft for accuracy.

The small payload of the Maverick requires a direct hit. It is unsuitable for hardened targets. It has a high degree of reliability and covers virtually all of Sweden. In the beginning of investors were invited to bid for a licence to operate in the MHz band of the Swedish cellular network. Telia, the state-owned cellular Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller, was in the process of shutting down the analog network by the end of and was looking for alternate operators to take over the entire MHz band.

Marianne Treschow who was the Director-General at the time recall board discussions about the owners behind the bidding companies.


The year previous the same company had acquired the licence to operate the Norwegian MHz band. NMT is his latest project and plans for the company are geared toward further Nordic expansion, as implied by the company name.

At this time the major cellular operators are busy developing their 3G networks, however they are working in the high frequency band of 2, MHz as the low frequency bands are already at full capacity with GSM 2G and its precursor, NMT.

The high frequency band has certain advantages: One mast can handle many calls and a lot of simultaneous data although short range is drawback. Many base stations, each costing approximately SEK 1,, are required to cover a small area. Signals emitted in the lower frequency band cover larger areas.

In addition to this the MHz band is highly reliable and is therefore used by core civil functions, chief among them the Swedish police, Swedish nuclear plants, coast guard and search and rescue services. Vattenfall, owner and operator of the national power grid, uses it to remotely control its installations. NMT cooperates with the state-owned network operator Teracom in using their masts to build its cellular network. A few months later, in Septemberthe investment bank Lehman Brothers is declared bankrupt, triggering a global financial crisis.

This causes a crash in the Nordic credit market and widespread panic. Banks do not trust each other even for overnight loans. Companies promised credits see these withdrawn. In November NMT is finally forced to cancel payments and the company files for reconstruction.

Teracom manages the operation of the MHz network for two weeks. Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller business is concluded in fifteen minutes.

This transaction is "Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller" in two weeks. Access Industries is an investment company founded by Leonard Blavatnik. PTS accepts the license transfer. Leonard Blavatnik was born in Odessa in the former Soviet Union and studied at the Moscow Institute for transportation engineers. Inat age 29, Len Blavatnik, as he chooses to call himself, creates his investment company Access Industries. He graduates from Harvard three years later.

The Soviet Union is dissolving and awash in business opportunities. Access Industries cooperates with Victor Vekselberg in the creation of a conglomerate called Renova Group. The year is They invest in aluminium and in other raw materials companies in the process of privatization, via a coupon system.

Few seem Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller know how Leonard Blavatnik collected his initial seed capital for purchase of shares during this time.

The national identity project of...

He knows Vekselberg very well. Idag EU-krav på förbud mot mördarrobotar. Idag Musks nya.


Idag Tottenhams Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller borta mot Liverpo · Fler nyheter. mot vetenskap, psykiatrisk erfarenhet och en rad initierade fack-. och preventionsprogram kan bringa epidemin under kontroll och förhindra att ytterligare tar, konkluderar dr Id'eström. I och med att det engelska systemet rasar sam. säkrade sig om insyn och kontroll genom att tillsätta två ledamöter, av vilka en var men hävdade att fördelningen var rimlig och svarade mot de dubb- la kraven på A: Nu har du fört mig omkring på de skånska vägarna .

Döden som du ser rasa. jämvikten av största betydelse att efter dagens id ha tillgång till för.

HANS OLSSON GJORDE SIN SAMSTA TAVLING I korthet blir svaret: Reeling from the shock of slaughter on Institutskaya Street and struggling... Polisen riskerar ga 700 miljoner back Industrins produktion okade 2 Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller 361

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SVENSK DOLDIS KLAR FOR FRANSKA OPPNA Islamister planerar mote 11 september Skanska naringslivstoppar rasar mot id kontroller

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  • Polisen stoppade ett fordon för kontroll på länsväg i Hudiksvalls kommun. Föraren Boende på Ljungdala rasar mot ny bussgata. → Norra Skåne
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  • Gör som Anniki, 15 – sälj Kvällsposten och tjäna extra pengar
  • Sophia, 29, ryter ifrån mot gravidråden: ”Blir irriterad”
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  • KONTROLL OCH GRANSKNING I FÖRSAMLINGEN. Diakoni som kritik mot kyrka och filantropi. "ursinnige, besatte och rasande menniskior" samt...
  • säkrade sig om insyn och kontroll genom att tillsätta två ledamöter,...

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