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Ten-pin bowling is a sport in which a bowler rolls a bowling ball down a wood or synthetic lane Svenskor satte bowlingrekord ten pins positioned in a triangular pattern at the far end of the lane. The objective is to knock down as many pins as possible.

The lane's narrow shape prevents straight-line ball paths from achieving an angle optimally desired to achieve strikes ; accordingly, more advanced bowlers impart sideways rotation to "hook" curve the ball into the target. Oil applied in different patterns to the first two-thirds approximate of the lane's length adds complexity and challenge to the sport.

Commonly, two finger holes and a thumb hole are drilled into the ball, and ball weights vary considerably to make the sport playable for all ages. For young children, a ramp may be used. While ten-pin bowling leagues and tournaments are Svenskor satte bowlingrekord, the sport is also played as a hobby by millions of people.

In New Englandthe game is specifically called "ten-pin bowling" or "big-ball bowling" to distinguish it from smaller balls used in candlepin bowlingduckpin bowlingand five-pin bowling.

Jason Belmonte (born 29 July...

Their discovery represents the earliest known historical trace of bowling. A site in Southampton, England claims to be the oldest lawn bowling site still in operation, with records showing the game has been played on the green there since Henry VIII also famously banned bowling for all but the upper classes, because so many working men and soldiers were neglecting their trades.

In Germany the game of Kegel Kegelspiel expanded. The Kegel game grew in Germany and around other parts of Europe with Keglers rolling balls Svenskor satte bowlingrekord nine pins, or skittles, in a diamond formation 1—2—3—2—1.

Ninepin bowling was introduced "Svenskor satte bowlingrekord" the United States from Europe during the colonial era, similar to the game of skittles.

Ten-pin bowling is a sport...

The DutchEnglishand Germans all brought their own versions of the game to the New World, where it enjoyed continued popularity, although not without some controversy. In a law in Connecticut banned ninepin bowling lanes because of associated gambling and crime, and people were said to circumvent the letter of the prohibition by adding an extra pin, resulting in the game of ten-pin bowling. A painting which dates from aroundand has been on display at the International Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum in St.

Louis, Missouri before its relocation on January 26,to the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texashowever, shows British bowlers playing the sport outdoors, with a triangular formation of ten pins, chronologically before it appeared in the United States.

A photograph of this painting appeared in the pages of the US-based "Bowler's Journal" magazine in While still closely related to the German nine-pin game Kegelnthe modern version of ten-pin bowling that became a popular participant sport worldwide was an American creation.

German immigrants were instrumental in fostering the game's popularity in America as they formed their own bowling clubs both before and after the American Civil War. The first indoor bowling alley was Knickerbockers of New York City, built inand had lanes made of baked clay. The Brunswick Corporation's addition of bowling equipment to their product Svenskor satte bowlingrekord also served to increase the sport's popularity. InBrunswick replaced their line of wooden bowling balls, mostly made with lignum vitaewith hard rubber Mineralite bowling balls.

The change was met with great approval. The sport is most popular in the United Kingdom and the United States. Both nations maintain national regulatory organizations that govern the sport's rules and conduct, and many of those Svenskor satte bowlingrekord best players participate in tournaments on both the national and international stage.

Because of the rise in popularity, many companies began making bowling balls and apparel for professionals as well as for recreational bowlers. Bowling has also become more prevalent in the media in recent years, with the continued popularity of bowling publications and the appearance of films centered around the culture of the sport. However, the sport continues to face challenges in garnering mainstream coverage of the athletic aspects of the game. The modern, indoor game of bowling has long been seen as a sport of the working classes.

This began to change as the sport became increasingly regulated and generally gained in prestige. Although it has not shed its working class image entirely, today bowling is a unisex sport, and is enjoyed by people the world over. While they agreed on a uniform distance of 60 feet from foul line to head pin and the size of the bowling ball, there were many other disagreements, including scoring, that caused splinter groups to form.

It wasn't until"Svenskor satte bowlingrekord" prominent bowling leaders gathered in New York City to form the American Bowling Congress ABCthat the bulk of the standard rules for bowling that have survived to the modern day were drafted. At the same time, the sport's image among the upper classes was enhanced Svenskor satte bowlingrekord the opening of more luxurious and Svenskor satte bowlingrekord alleys like The White Elephant in New York City, opened by restaurateur Joe Thum.

Many consider Thum to be the father of modern bowling, along with inaugural ABC President Thomas Curtis and later, coming into the second half of the 20th century, American professional bowler Dick Weber. The oldest known USBC sanctioned bowling lanes in the United States date fromand are still in use in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-located Holler House tavern, as a pair of lanes that still uses manually-operated pinsettersin one Svenskor satte bowlingrekord the very few facilities that uses manually-set tenpins in North America.

The period from to is known as the "golden age of bowling" because of the sport's great popularity increase and advances in its play. Bybowling was a billion-dollar industry in the United States. From tothe number of dues-paying American Bowling Congress members grew from aboutto 2. The Women's International Bowling Congress grew from 82, tomembers, and the American Junior Bowling Congress expanded from 8, toPromotion by the U.

Armed Forces and its image as a sport for the common man made bowling an enticing choice of activity for Americans. For this reason, racial integration was perhaps inevitable. The American Bowling Congress had been a whites -only organization throughout its first plus years in existence, but lobbying by numerous labor organizations and individuals after World War IIincluding Japanese-American Hiroto Hirashimaquickly led to a reversal of this policy.

Bowling alleys built during this period often featured restaurants or nightclubs where locally Svenskor satte bowlingrekord even nationally prominent entertainers would perform. In the movie Road Housethe title refers to a large bowling alley with a nightclub attached, where much of the action takes place. The film provides a good historical glance at bowling alleys of the era. This era also saw a great increase in bowling technology.

Pins had previously been set Svenskor satte bowlingrekord human pinsetters or "pin boys", but with the invention of the semi-automatic pinspotter in usually just the "spotting table" componentthe process became much easier. In AMF Bowling launched the first commercial fully automatic pinspotterthe AMF Modelfollowed closely by the more developed 82—30 model still in common use in the 21st century to replace the earlier Brunswick semi-automatic and fully manual bowling establishments.

Brunswick itself introduced its own "Model A" automatic pinspotter design to bowling centers inand along with its successors A2 and "JetBack", both with quicker delivery of returned balls over the Model Aall three versions are still in widespread use. The television age "Svenskor satte bowlingrekord" the s also helped Svenskor satte bowlingrekord increase the popularity of ten-pin bowling, as Svenskor satte bowlingrekord of the sport began to enter the homes of millions across the United States.

Nationally televised programs like Jackpot Bowling and Make That Spare became popular on Friday nights from the late s into the early s. Following many years of debate over what constituted a professional bowler versus an amateur, Eddie Elias founded the Professional Bowlers Association PBA in Ten-pin Svenskor satte bowlingrekord was introduced in the United Kingdom in Ten-pin bowling took the UK by storm, with alleys opening up one after the other.

At its peak, there were over bowling alleys in the UK, but a lack of re-investment and waning interest left the fad in a sorry state. This led to a general deterioration of bowling alleys, with a commensurate decline in their image. In the s a major chain operator, Top Rank, pulled out of bowling and converted many of the more luxurious alleys into Bingo halls. The industry nearly collapsed, with two thirds of the existing alleys closing over the next few years.

The United States, meanwhile, saw league bowling soar in the s and early s—partially influenced by popular professional bowlers Don CarterDick WeberCarmen Salvino and Earl Anthony.

The number of sanctioned bowling alleys in the U. A decline in interest has been partially attributed [ by whom? However, automated electronic scoring systems removed this impediment. During the late s and early s the number of ten-pin bowling alleys across the UK rose to over two hundred, exceeding the sport's previous peak popularity in the s. Bowling has experienced another decline since the late s and into the s, especially in the United States. From tothe number of bowling alleys in the U.

This is partly attributed to the decline of league bowling participation, which used to account for most of a bowling center's revenue, as well Svenskor satte bowlingrekord the decline in social activity overall see Bowling Aloneaccording to Robert Putnam, public policy professor at Harvard University.

Bowling an exhibition sport at the Summer Olympics. In ten-pin bowling was included for the first time as a sport at the Commonwealth Gameswith the sport being a full medal-level event within the Pan American Games since Bowling alleys have had to reinvent themselves as large entertainment centers including game rooms, multi-screen cinemas, restaurants and night clubs, affecting the image of the sport among families.

Bowling has been named as one of the eight shortlisted Svenskor satte bowlingrekord for inclusion at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Ten-pin bowling lanes are 60 feet About 15 feet 4. The lane is The bowling lane has two sets of approach dots; from the foul line back to the first set of approach dots is about 12 feet 3.

Commonly, lanes are protected by about 18 millilitres 0. PBA events use about 30 millilitres 1. Pin-setting machines set the pins in four rows forming an equilateral triangle with four pins on a side, forming a tetractys. Pins Svenskor satte bowlingrekord numbered 1 through 10, starting with the 1 pin in front, proceeding left-to-right in each row, ending with 10 in the right rear. Because pin spacing is much larger than ball size, it is impossible for the ball to contact all pins.

Therefore, a tactical shot is required, which would result in a chain reaction of pins hitting other pins in a process called "pin scatter". In what is considered an ideal shot, the ball contacts only the 1, 3, 5 and 9 pins right-handers. Most newer players roll the ball straight, while more experienced bowlers may roll a hook that involves making the ball start out straight but then curve toward a target, to increase likelihood of striking: USBC research [21] has shown that shots more likely to strike enter the pocket at an angle of incidence that is achievable only with a hook.

In order to count, a pin must be knocked over entirely: If a pin is moved, it does not change its designation: There are additional measurements which delineate the shape. The weight of a single pin must be at least 3 pounds 6 ounces and no more than 3 pounds 10 ounces 1. Within a set of ten pins, the individual weights may vary by no more than 4 ounces The top of the pin shall have a uniform arc with a radius of 1.

USBC regulations govern weight distribution from top to bottom. Pins are allowed one or two "voids" holes inside the belly area that balance the narrower top half of the pin with the wider bottom half to prevent the pins from being too bottom-heavy to fall properly when struck. Standard regulation pins may lean no more than 10 degrees off center without falling.

The maximum diameter of the ball is 8. The ball must have a smooth surface over its entire circumference except for holes or indentations used for gripping the ball, holes or indentations made to bring the ball back into compliance with weight-distribution regulations, identification letters and numbers, and general wear from normal use.

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A conventional grip, used on non-customized house balls, involves insertion of fingers to the second knuckle. En skaraborgare satte i onsdags kväll nytt Svenskor satte bowlingrekord rekord i bänkpress.

Det handlar om Malin Carlsson från Vedums AIS styrkelyft som knep en fjärdeplats vid EM. Inför dagens avslutade pass av lagdistansen på VM i Hongkong såg det svenska laget ut att ha en chans på medaljerna. Men direkt började. Shannon Pluhowsky earned the USBC National High Average and High Series Awards for the season Svenskor satte bowlingrekord she reclaimed the record for the highest.