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Ferreira i sjachtar


Log in to My Shakhtar. Please register, if you are new. Newsletter Online ticketing Online shop Try again later. Date of birth YY I agree to the terms and conditions. All news Shakhtar Social news Tickets news. Age 26 Appearances 2 Star quality Positioning. Age 34 Appearances 24 Ferreira i sjachtar quality Positioning. Age 22 Appearances 0 Star quality Reflexes.

Latest Bruno Ferreira Bonfim #9...

Age 27 Appearances 13 Star quality High balls. Age 27 Appearances 16 Star quality Man marking. Age 25 Appearances 17 Star quality Dispossession. Age 26 Appearances 0 Star quality Man marking.

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Age 22 Appearances 15 Star quality Passing. Age 28 Appearances 23 Star quality Pace. Age 29 Appearances 16 Star quality Striking power. Age 24 Appearances 12 Star quality Stamina. Age 29 Appearances 22 Star quality Determination. Age 30 Appearances 20 Star quality Pace.

Age 29 Appearances 9 Star quality Versatility.

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Age 30 Appearances 17 Star quality Dribbling. Age 27 Appearances 24 Star quality Technique. Age 26 Appearances 13 Star quality Acceleration.

Facundo Ferreyra nicknamed "Chucky", is...

Age 21 Appearances 24 Star quality Playmaker. Age 19 Appearances 3 Star quality Pace. Age 25 Appearances 7 Star quality Shot accuracy. Age 25 Appearances 14 Star quality Pace.


Age 22 Appearances 19 Star quality Playmaker. Age 19 Appearances 15 Star quality Pace.

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Age 25 Appearances 10 Star quality Pace. Age 31 Appearances "Ferreira i sjachtar" Star quality Shot accuracy. SHAKHTAR DONESTK star Facundo Ferreyra sparked a mass brawl in their loss to Roma after shoving a ball boy over. ROME (AP) Shakhtar Donetsk player Facundo Ferreira has apologized for pushing a ballboy during Tuesday's Champions League loss at.

Biography, career, star qualities, achievements, awards, autographs, photos of the senior team players of the Shakhtar Donetsk football club.