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Roliga timmen i svt


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Below is a translation of their article, adapted for an international audience, together with some details of the reactions that their piece elicited. It was aired to much acclaim on a prime time family TV show. The Korean adoptive parents are depicted as pears: The comedic aspect stems from a tradition of Swedish gook humour, as well as a kind of transphobic transracial humour, where the joke is the absurdity of racial roles in international adoption being reversed: It is now celebrated annually: And then there the sketch was again, proudly aired, uncritically, on prime time family entertainment show Roliga timmen.

What is actually so funny about adoptees and the idea of the reversed racial roles of adoptive families? And, above all, what is so funny about Asians? Let us be clear: No, Swedish gook humour is very much mainstream, presented as wholesome family entertainment. Shamefully, this came in a show that also featured a performance by the famous Chinese singer Wei Wei. What broadcasters like SVT fail to consider is that sketches and acts like these haunt us Swedish Asians who have to endure humiliating racist abuse in our everyday lives.

Unfortunately, the sheer sight of us can propel both white and non-white Swedes to start grinning and screaming degrading names, on the most unexpected of occasions.

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Refugee flows to the EU

Swedish gook humour legitimizes anti-Asian racism, and those acceptable slurs projected in the Adoptive Pears sketch are the very same slurs that plague us. This ranged from accusations of having no sense of humour, to extreme racist outbursts: Perhaps almost as disturbing, if not as physically threatening, as the Nazi reaction is the reaction of white antiracist groups and spokespeople.

It is time for racism against Asians to be taken seriously in Sweden. Think about it for a moment, how many Asians have you seen in a Swedish television series, play or film?

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Why would he start "seeing" someone else after telling me he wanted to be w/me? Snövit-The Musical. Dröse&Norberg. SVT IDENTS. Dallas STHLM Communication AB. Base23/Stadsteatern. Roliga Timmen. SVT. spelat Ove Sundberg i "Solsidan" och varit julvärd för SVT. han fram emot " Roliga timmen", eftersom att han då kunde sätta ihop en pjäs..

Roliga timmen i svt

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