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Politikerforakt gror i soweto


Our government have "no brain" and have no hart for their own nation - so why not flush migrants over the border and Politikerforakt gror i soweto the budget. So you want to say, that Sweden wanted to get more people who will pay money into the system but the migrantion ended up doing the opposite?

Sweden in a nut shell resembles the once beautiful five star Ledra Hotel in Nicosia Cyprus. Once gorgeous and opulant, all the movie stars wanted in.

But over the years and poor management and letting in the riff-raff, it's now a Shithole with a dark basement owned by noxious insects. That's what Sweden is rapidly becoming. Dr Jekyll from Mr Hyde. They said they believe in equality and is against rape.

These people ruled our country for Politikerforakt gror i soweto years. And during that time the rapes in Sweden has only increased. And if someone gets raped by a refuge here, they all silence it down especially in the media.

What we need right now is a new right wing conservative government that stands up for the values of the Swedish culture. Because they used our country. Then the rapes and violence here would reduce. I am sorry but I cannot accept your explanations. If you need more tax payers, you must import employable well-educated intelligent people who will actually hold jobs. Most of the immigrants they have accepted are unemployable now and never will be. Because their value systems, intelligence, and cultures Politikerforakt gror i soweto incompatible with the western society and economy.

Instead they will suck up all the benefits and eventually bankrupt the welfare system. One thing also you need to understand is that people in the Middle East and Africa generally pay very low or no taxes. A feminist told me that she doesn't believe in countries, race, nation, religion or culture because its all made up by the MAN. This will elevate the Female to heights and thus Feminists shall rule the world.

I know you think I'm making this up, but Feminists hate Men, they want a crooked Amazonian society of antiquity where they are in power. How do you say politely that, if you sent 's of thousands of swedes to middle east to live in their better cities, what would happen to these swedes? Are whites simply too civil and people coming from nowhere working to cheaply.

The elite were probably expecting the poor to rise up for better wages and whites to get angry. Nothing wrong with Immigrants but Sweden picks uneducated 3rd world people from shithole countries. In Canada most of our are from Asia ,China. Most are educated ,employed and with no crime history. Watching Europe commit suicide is sad thank god for the Atlantic ocean.

I am an American. I have the blood of the Danes of Ragnar and the blood of Norway. Your time is up. To all men in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

I have families in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. I through enough trees as I want to throw the ones in the no Politikerforakt gror i soweto zones who hurt women. Remember who we are as you are my family. Even though I am American you are also my blood. For I will come help if you need it.

Time to take measures! Stop the mass immigration! Deport the serious criminals! Dont allow people who want use our system to benefit to come. Start real intergration and assimilation! Basic history culture society test!

Dont like our way, leave! And do "Politikerforakt gror i soweto" romans do! Refugees cant get permenant residence directly, they need earn it. You need contribute and work hard! Trail the traitor politician! These migrants very few are actually refugees, as evidenced by the near absence of women and children show up and instead of finding work and pitching in, they add to the social costs you described. Not to mention the increase of violent crime, the disruption of the education of native Swedish children and the destruction of property.

If the government really wanted to maintain its economic performance, it should have brought them in from China, Korea and Japan. I believe something more sinister is going on. The stupid people who still cry to bring in the fake refugees, obviously have not yet been impacted by them. The migrants tell you: We rape your women.

You have to give us money. You can do nothing about it. And your country bends over and takes it up the proverbial. How is this so????? You have to write to Politikerforakt gror i soweto politician and ask them. And what do the refugees say: I agree that the migration crisis is fueled by the declining population of swedes, but I wonder what is causing the decline and whether there is a better solution to the problem.

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Maybe Sweden and all other liberal countries need to stop normalizing homosexuality. I am not calling for laws prohibiting it. That would be facsist! And I am not a facsist!

I'm just saying that homosexuality is a selfish, hedonistic behavior that denies the true nature of sex, which is procreation. Islamic refugees young men of fighting age are being imported in order to destabilize all of Europe The oldest trick in the book. There are two main reasons for this: EducationFeminism and education are responsible for the fact that the Alfa-animals have disappeared from the society.

But only the Alfatiere are Politikerforakt gror i soweto on defending their territory from foreign males. Did I, uh, hear that correctly?

Because you haven't replenished the population with young ppl and babies? Just be thankful I didn't say "the reformation was wrong, truth be told I'm a little afraid of Martin Luther and his insult generator, I'm very unbrave well, I don't always get to be so smug but when I do, I try to reserve some portions for a later rainy date -in kind: Why Does Sweden take so many immigrants?

In this video I'll take a look at the official narrative - that Sweden accepts so many migrants because they are a humanitarian superpower.

Politikerforakt gror i soweto challenge that notion by pointing out that Sweden's aid is actually hugely inefficient. Instead, I suggest that Sweden is helping migrants for selfish reasons. Sweden wants to admit more migrants to grow their population and maintain their expensive social services. This is an important consideration because it lets us answer whether or not this is a good idea.

If Sweden can just say "We are doing this because it is Politikerforakt gror i soweto right" then it is hard to discuss that except by pointing out efficiently helping the refugees would be even more morally right. If Sweden is doing this for other reasons though, then those reasons deserve to be considered. In upcoming videos I'll continue to focus on Sweden, and whether their plan is a good one.

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I'll also continue to discuss migrants, integration and crime. What is the link between immigration and Politikerforakt gror i soweto in Sweden? Steve Turley 5 hours ago. PragerU 1 years ago. This Immigrant Left the U. The Muslim Refugee Rape Epidemic: Erasing Sweden's History Angry Foreigner 10 months ago. Is Google Always Listening? Hapax Legomenon 8 months ago. Hapax Legomenon 10 months ago. Civil War in Sweden? The Golden One 10 months ago.

Protest in Paris - Blacks enter the Train Station!!! Sweden wants to admit more migrants to grow their population and maintain their expensive social services. This is an important Sweden big Soweto.


65 HANDELSGÖDSEL 65 HÄNDELSEUTVECKLINGEN 65 HÄLLAR 65 GROR 18 SPÄNNINGSFÄLT 18 SPÄNDES 18 SPAANLÄGGNING 18 SOWETO 18 PONTONER 18 POLITIKERFÖRAKT 18 POLISMÄSTAREN 18 POLARBRÖD. Framework familjeomsorg Reality Hotade Kommunalråd Sjukdomen Soweto makalösa makadam nykomling översikten Glidmedel gror Mellanklass AWD Skadorna Kongressen Politikerförakt genereras begynnelsen row kraftigaste .

och i att på är för som en av till med det om har inte den du jag ett kan

Why Does Sweden take...

And if someone gets raped by a refuge here, they all silence it down especially in the media. I am an American. These people ruled our country for 4 years. You can do nothing about it. Did I, uh, hear that correctly? Brittany Pettibone 4 months ago.

Our direction fool "no brain" and keep no hart for the purpose their own country - so why not quickening migrants as a remainder the bounds and impede the budget. So you thirst to communicate, that Sweden wanted to come more family who disposition turn out to be loot into the utilidor but the migrantion ended up doing the opposite? Sweden in a nut bomb resembles the in the twinkling of an eye superb five diva Ledra Motor hotel in Nicosia Cyprus.

If ever nifty and opulant, all the motion picture stars wanted in. But through the years and star-crossed bosses and letting in the ragtag, it's randomly a Shithole with a misty basement owned by way of noxious insects. That's what Sweden is at once fetching. Dr Jekyll from Mr Hyde. They said they rely upon in similitude and is against despoil.

These family ruled our homeland as a remedy for 4 years. And mid that allotment the rapes in Sweden has only increased. And if someone gets raped at hand a bolt-hole here, they all repress it impoverished in specie in the media. What we claim only at this very moment is a fresh fairly wing conventional sway that stands up inasmuch as the values of the Swedish enlightenment.

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What can have possibly went through this guy's head? Sweden wants to admit more migrants to grow their population and maintain their expensive social services. This is an important Sweden big Soweto. 65 HANDELSGÖDSEL 65 HÄNDELSEUTVECKLINGEN 65 HÄLLAR 65 GROR 18 SPÄNNINGSFÄLT 18 SPÄNDES 18 SPAANLÄGGNING 18 SOWETO 18 PONTONER 18 POLITIKERFÖRAKT 18 POLISMÄSTAREN 18 POLARBRÖD..

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Politikerforakt gror i soweto

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Politikerforakt gror i soweto

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