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Just nu lottningen till vm kvalets playoff


How was your weekend? Im cleaning my room and listening to christmas music.

Efter den bragdartade segern i...

I really should study another day, another time! Hur var er helg? Sjukt kul som alltid! Posted by at Thursday, 5 December Det finns mitt i skogen. Study study study study, so much to do! Now bodypump, gonna go get some agressions out. Massa massa massa plugg! Tuesday, 3 December Hello, December. It's that time of the year again. Black, but lit up by thousands of candles, as to hunt the night away.

Some deny the darkness, but don't, embrace it in its humble silence. Take a break, don't pressure yourself so hard. Monday, 2 December Long time no see! Wednesday, 30 October Insert creepy smile here. I haven't been working out properly in way too long. You know, when you can feel it the day after and your body just craves pasta with tuna sauce or whatever.

I went to kickbox yesterday at lunch and finished off with some pump, it was soo great! I saw the outline of my abs again. I felt like I'm guessing a severely obese man feels like loosing huge amounts of weight in a short time. He looks down, wiggles around a bit, smiles, and whispers: Friday, Just nu lottningen till vm kvalets playoff October Punching a horse?

Ask the Newcastle supporter who punched a horse in the face last April. This makes the list of one of the stupidest things I have ever heard in my whole life. Like he was going to knock the horse out or something? The world is full of stupid people. HERE 's the article if you want to read about it. Some examples of what happens when you screw with horses.

How it should be! Hur det borde vara!

Andreas Granqvist i stor intervju...

Wednesday, 23 October First world problems. The world-cup playoff draw was finalized in Zurich two days ago.

I don't know what to say, so instead I will show you my feelings in three images and four words to go with them - we are probably screwed. Monday, 21 October week 43, Wednesday, 16 October The cold air hit me in the face like a brick wall and the icy snow felt like needles on my skin, and I thought to myself "I'm home". Sweden last year, ph TT. I just wanted you to know that I changed the blog name from "seeyouatmidnight" to "ylvakatarina's", thought it would be a bit more related to, well, my name.

Hope you are well! Tuesday, 15 October Ideas for Halloween. If you are like me you are already obsessing about what to dress up as on Halloween, but don't worry, I'm here to help out. Boys, there is only one thing you should dress up as. Flex those muscles and give us a slutty zombie lifeguard costume! Firefighter is also ok. Actually, any uniform works just fine.

Girls, we all know that Halloween is the one time of the year you are allowed to dress up however slutty you want. But the question is, do you want to be sexy or scary? Of course Halloween is Halloween without girls strutting around on the street with all kind of things on display, but I do believe the costumes should be at least a little bit scary. Ladies, that does not limit you! Want to be a naughty nurse? Add a knife and some fake blood and you're all set!

Want to be slutty cinderella? You get the point, yes? Here are some ideas I have considered myself. The list goes on and on. You need a ripped, and preferably long white dress, white makeup and eye makeup of your choice, there are lots of different tutorials on youtube. Medieval female demon who appears in dreams, where she takes the form of a human female to seduce men. Saturday, 12 October Saturday dinner. I'm Just nu lottningen till vm kvalets playoff dinner for dad and Jan, Swedish style!

Grilled oysters with garlic butter as a starter, oven baked salmon with potatoes and cold fish roe sauce as a main, and some fruit for dessert.

Fish roe small, black or red. Put the salmon with the skin side down in an ovenproof dish, cut the onion, crush two garlic cloves and distribute evenly on top of the fish. Finish off with a dash of olive oil, salt and pepper. Cook ca min on C. Boil the potatoes with salt and a lot of! Mix ca one tablespoon of butter with one crushed clove of garlic. Put the oysters on a pre-heated grill with the cupped side down. The heat will make them open up. When they do, take them off the grill for a minute and remove the "lids".

Mix the cold sour cream with the Just nu lottningen till vm kvalets playoff roe, cut the chive in to small pieces and add to the mixture. Finish off with salt and pepper. Friday, 11 October Friday again!

Can you believe it's already Friday? What are your plans for the weekend? I'm in web design class, drinking coffee and writing posts. The teacher wants us to create a blog. Oh woops, I already have one! Put up some pictures from Marbella, I already miss summer! Just nu lottningen till vm kvalets playoff, 9 October Who wants chocolate? WILL chocolate run out one day? GAaaaaaarrrrgghhh I really hope its just some warning-paranoia-look-at-our-newspaper-article.

I have to start Just nu lottningen till vm kvalets playoff grow my own cocoa plants!! For your entertainment, my approximate reaction when I saw this article: Sunday, 6 October Let's have a chat, you and me. Let's talk about people. I like being surrounded by honesty. Blatant and up straight honest people. I like people who are kind.

I like a cheeky sence of humor. I like the people who tell stories in the middle of the room, and I like people who would rather listen to them. I value friendship highly, I admire loyalty, and I love to sit down with someone and have a good laugh. Like Narcissus, they worship nothing else than their own reflections, afraid to look away in case their whole being would disappear, a reflection upon the surface of a shallow pond.

Try to come in contact with these people, try to show them that there is depth beyond the bottom of the pool, and they will reject you. They will reduce you in to Just nu lottningen till vm kvalets playoff more than whisper in the background, something they see as false, something waiting to upset the perfect reflection they so blindly rely upon. Who wants to be as "Just nu lottningen till vm kvalets playoff" as the forrest pond?

Who truly wants to let their ego and pride dominate their relationships? Who would want to be the person that split up a friendship just for their own gain? Here are some pictures from yesterday's horseriding sesh. Vinner Djurgården cupen så går DIF in i kvalet i den andra vilket kan vara en fördel i det hårda matchandet efter VM-slutspelet i Ryssland. Sverige och Allsvenskan ligger just nu på plats 22 i UEFA:s ligaranking.

19 juni – Lottning att inleda kvalspelet i playoff krävs som sämst plats 12 i rankingen. So just to say on behalf of everyone at Sports Interactive thank you very Fixed rare European playoff scheduling issue in certain leagues. Nu gymmet, måste bli av med lite stress.

Seger mot Italien, VM-platsen säkrad...

Ses sen! You know, when you can feel it the day after and your body just craves pasta with tuna sauce (or whatever). The world-cup playoff draw was finalized in Zurich two days ago. I måndags lottades Sverige att spela mot Portugal i VM-kvalet i November.

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