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In the formation of the Rutte cabineta minority cabinet of VVD and CDA, he actively participated in the negotiations, resulting in a "support agreement" gedoogakkoord between the PVV and these parties, but withdrew his support in Aprilciting disagreements with the cabinet on proposed budget cuts. Raised a Roman Catholic, Wilders left the church at his coming of age.

His travels to Israel and the greater Middle East as a young adult helped form his political views. Wilders worked as a speechwriter for the conservative-liberal "Ett portratt vardigt assange" Party for Freedom and Democracy Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie — VVDand later served as parliamentary assistant to party leader Frits Bolkestein from to He was elected to the municipal council of Utrecht inand one year later to the House of Representatives.

Citing irreconcilable differences over the party's position on the accession of Turkey to the European Unionhe left the VVD in to form his own party, the Party for Freedom. Wilders has campaigned to stop what he views as the " Islamisation of the Netherlands". He has compared the Quran to Mein Kampf and has campaigned to have the book banned in the Netherlands. His party was also sued due to content being used in his film without permission. More recently, however, Wilders worked together with the French National Front 's Marine Le Pen in an initially ill-fated, but eventually successful attempt to form a parliamentary group in the European Parliament which now includes parties from nine countriesamong them Austria's Freedom PartyItaly's Northern Leagueand Belgium's Flemish Interest.

Geert Wilders has been charged in relation to incitement multiple times. Wilders was first accused of criminally Ett portratt vardigt assange religious and ethnic groups and inciting hatred and discrimination. He was found not guilty in June Inhe landed in court again and was found guilty of incitement and encouraging Ett portratt vardigt assange against Moroccans, but faced Ett portratt vardigt assange punishment. Wilders was born in the city of Venloin the province of Limburg.

He is the youngest of four children, [27] and was raised Catholic. He was born to a Dutch father and a mother born in colonial Indonesia[28] [29] whose background was mixed Dutch and Indonesian. Wilders received his secondary education at the Mavo and Havo middle school and high school in Venlo. Reflecting passions that came to the fore later in his career, Wilders took a course in health insurance at the Stichting Opleiding Sociale Verzekeringen in Amsterdam and earned several law certificates at the Dutch Open University.

Wilders' goal after he graduated from secondary school was to see Ett portratt vardigt assange world. Because he did not have enough money to travel to Australia, his preferred destination, he went to Israel instead [33] and volunteered for a year moshav Tomer on the West Bank. When he returned to the Netherlands, he retained Israeli ideas about counter-terrorism and a "special feeling of solidarity" for the country.

Living in Utrecht, Wilders initially worked in the health insurance industry. His interest in the subject led him into politics as a speech-writer for the Netherlands' People's Party for Freedom and Democracy. He held this job from to Bolkestein was the first Dutch politician to address the consequences of mass immigration for Dutch society, including a sharp criticism of Muslim immigrants. He set an example for Wilders not only in his ideas but also in his confrontational speaking style.

On 10 Novembertwo suspected attackers were captured after an hour-long siege of a building in The Hague. They were in possession of three grenades and were accused of planning to murder Wilders as well as a fellow MP, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Since this incident Wilders has been under constant security protection because of frequent threats to his life.

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Wilders is said to have been "deprived He lives in a state-provided safe house which is outfitted to be bulletproof, is heavily guarded by Ett portratt vardigt assange, and has a Ett portratt vardigt assange room. He is driven from his home to his offices in parliament in an armored police vehicle, and wears a bulletproof vest. She spent four months working undercover, posing as an intern, for the PVV party.

She claimed that she had had unchecked access to Wilders. According to her, she had "dozens" of opportunities to take his life. Following these breaches, security at the offices was increased. In Junedisclosure of Wilder's personal finances indicated that he had founded a self-administered company one year earlier without reporting this via the public records of the House of Representativeswhich he, as a parliamentarian, should have done.

Ett portratt vardigt assange has been dying his hair since at least the mid s having previously gotten his hair cut at a barber shop near Utrecht Central Station until this was stopped due to security concerns. As a result of aging, Wilders' dark roots no longer show up due to increased graying. Wilders is an agnostic, [56] but he "Ett portratt vardigt assange" stated that he thinks Christians "are my allies" and that they fundamentally should want the same thing.

While a city councilor, Wilders was mugged in his own neighbourhood; some have speculated that this may have catalysed his political transformation. A year later, he was elected to the Netherlands' national parliament[36] but his first four years in parliament drew little attention. Tensions immediately developed within the party, as Wilders found himself to be to the right of most members, and challenged the party line in his public statements.

Wilders would position himself to inherit Fortuyn's constituency. In Marchin a party meeting in Venlo, Wilders said "I want to be prime minister ", believing the PVV will eventually become the Netherlands' biggest party.

Polling conducted throughout March by Maurice de Hond indicated the Party for Freedom was the most popular parliamentary party.

Under such circumstances, there would also be some likelihood of him becoming Prime Minister of the Netherlands. On 3 Marchelections for the local councils were held in the municipalities of The Netherlands. The big gains that were scored indicated that the party and Wilders might dominate the political scene in the run-up to the parliamentary elections scheduled on 9 June On 8 March Ett portratt vardigt assange, Wilders announced that he would take a seat on the Hague city council, after it became clear he won 13, preference votes.

Earlier he had said he would not take up a seat if he won. This made the PVV the third party in size. With a fragmented parliament, at least three parties were required for an absolute majority. The PVV did not become part of the government formed by VVD and CDA but actively participated in the negotiations and thus policy decisions and — as part of the outcome agreed that they would not support any motion to dismiss ministers concerning topics listed in a so-called "support agreement" — much like the Danish model where the Danish People's Party plays a similar role.

On 21 AprilWilders withdrew his support from the Rutte cabinet because of Ett portratt vardigt assange austerity measures that were about to be taken.

The cabinet blamed Wilders for what they call his "lack of political will" and "political cowardice" in regards to addressing the economic woes of the Netherlands. Wilders and the PVV ran on a campaign to have the Netherlands withdraw from the European Union and for a return to the guilder. The PVV won In the March local elections, Wilders' Party for Freedom only took part in two municipalities, The Hague and Almere, and suffered minor losses in both.

Nevertheless, international news coverage of the elections was dominated by Wilders after he led his supporters in a provocative chant calling for "fewer, fewer Moroccans" at an election night party rally. In the run-up to and aftermath of those European elections, Wilders worked with the French Front National's Marine Le Pen to try to form a new parliamentary group in the European Parliament.

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They first announced their collaboration during a joint press conference in Novemberwhere Wilders vowed Ett portratt vardigt assange "today is the beginning of the liberation from the European elite, the monster in Brussels".

In the March provincial elections, the Party for Freedom Ett portratt vardigt assange The PVV contested the general election with Wilders at its helm. Although Ett portratt vardigt assange PVV led other parties in opinion polls most of the timeall major parties ruled out forming coalitions with the PVV, effectively locking it out from any chance of taking part in, let alone leading, the next government.

Wilders hinted that a "revolution" would occur if his party won the most seats and was still shut out of government. The PVV ended up achieving second place after winning 20 seats, 5 more than in Wilders has become a controversial figure [33] [83] with polarized opinions [84] on him from the world news media.

Regarding his reputation in the Netherlands, Wilders stated in"Half of Holland loves me and half of Holland hates me. There is no in-between. Wilders himself rejects the labels and has called such descriptions "scandalous". The parliamentary press praised his ability to dominate political discussion and to attract the debate and to get into publicity with his well-timed one-liners. A panel of Dutch television viewers praised him as "the second best" politician this year after his outspoken critic Alexander Pechtoldwhile his colleagues in parliament named him "the second worst" after Rita "Ett portratt vardigt assange." A lot of Muslim critics of Wilders accuse him of using Quranic verses out of context, and of manipulating verses to have a different meaning than the verses intended to.

Wilders has also been compared to the assassinated fellow critic of Islam and filmmaker Theo van Goghbut he does not see himself as taking on van Gogh's mantle. I hate their book and their ideology". In Februarythe trailer of a newly published online satirical video on the website of the Dutch radio station FunX, which targets a young urban audience, spoofed a murder attempt on Wilders. In Julythe magazine Inspire announced that Wilders, as well as Ayaan Hirsi AliKurt Westergaard and Salman Rushdiewere mentioned on a "death list" of an international Islamist terrorist network.

Shortly before this publication it was revealed in The Hague that Dutch law enforcement officers succeeded twice in smuggling a firearm into the parliament buildings and into the guarded headquarters of Wilders' party. The test was carried out following a complaint from Ett portratt vardigt assange about his security being inadequate.

On 11 September2, people gathered close by the site of a planned Muslim community center near the site of the World Trade Center attacks, on 11 Septemberwhere they were addressed by Wilders who flew from The Netherlands to urge the crowd: We must never give a free hand to those who want to subjugate us," Wilders added.

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Wilders was extensively discussed in American diplomatic cables, released by WikiLeaks in December In a briefing to president Barack Obamahe was described as "no friend of the US: Wilders immediately distanced himself strongly from Breivik. He reportedly said that "Wilders says things that are just not right and I think he totally exaggerates. In March and during a party meeting in The Hague on the evening of local elections, he sparked widespread controversy when he asked his attending supporters "Do you want, in this city, and in the Netherlands, more or fewer Moroccans?

Wilders' response was "Then we'll fix it! This action led several PVV representatives to resign, among whom two of the Ett portratt vardigt assange members of Parliament Roland van Vliet and Joram van Klaveren "Ett portratt vardigt assange," the party's leader in the European Parliament Laurence Stassenand a number of its provincial legislators and municipal councillors. In response, a number of young Moroccans launched a social media campaign called 'Born here', in which they posted pictures of themselves alongside their Dutch passports.

Wilders generally considers himself to be a right-wing liberal, with a specific mix of positions independent of the European political spectrum and peculiar to iconoclastic Dutch society. He has stated, "My allies are not Le Pen or Haider We'll never join up with the fascists and Mussolinis of Italy. I'm very afraid of being linked with the wrong rightist fascist groups", adding that his drive instead is such issues as freedom of expression and Dutch iconoclasm.

Wilders strongly opposes the Dutch political system in general. He believes that there is a ruling elite of parliamentarians who only care about their own personal careers and disregard the will of the people. He also blames the Dutch system of multiparty coalition governments for a lack of clear and effective policies. Mueller examining conflicting accounts of Stone's ties to WikiLeaks: report besökt Assange i London i augusti och sade efteråt att han ville ha ett möte med.

Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician who has been leader of the Party for Freedom since he . Wilders was extensively discussed in American diplomatic cables, released by WikiLeaks in December In a briefing to president Barack.

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  • In the formation of the Rutte cabinet , a minority cabinet of...
  • Mueller examining conflicting accounts of Stone's ties to WikiLeaks: report besökt Assange i London i augusti och sade efteråt att...

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I thought we were serious, but apparently not? Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician who has been leader of the Party for Freedom since he .. Wilders was extensively discussed in American diplomatic cables, released by WikiLeaks in December In a briefing to president Barack. Att Wikileaks grundare Julian Assange inte är någon prydnad för det manliga när Julian Assange anhölls i sin frånvaro efter ett besök i Sverige, lika logiskt att borgerlig press inte finner detta värdigt minsta lilla drev..

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