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Sophia in 't Veld, rapporteur. I will start with the first one: I would like to start with a quote by an American feminist who said, decades ago already: I do not think I need to say Den europeiska jamstalldheten more about quotas, but I do not think there is anybody who is really in favour of quotas.

The trouble is that, so far, voluntary measures have achieved next to nothing, and we need to do something because doing nothing is "Den europeiska jamstalldheten" an option.

The Commission promised us concrete measures last year and last week the report, as I Den europeiska jamstalldheten, exposed the complete lack of progress.

I have to say to the Commissioner that I am slightly disappointed at the follow-up. You propose another consultation, Commissioner, whereas after decades of stagnation and after a year of trying with voluntary measures, I would say that the time to act is here; it is no longer a time for words.

Another issue that to my surprise turned out to be slightly controversial and something that I would like to put on the political agenda is that of single-person households, not to be confused with single-parent households — single-person households. Thirty per cent of all households, Europe-wide, are single-person households. Only one person — not with children, just one person — and they are in relative terms and in absolute terms placed at a disadvantage; a huge disadvantage, compared to others when it comes to taxation, social security, housing, pensions, insurance and what have you.

The European Union does have all sorts of policies in support of families, which is fine; I support that. But demographic developments show that the composition of households is Den europeiska jamstalldheten and it is time that the Commission recognised the new demographic reality and ensured fair and equal treatment for people living alone.

No one should be either rewarded or penalised for the size or composition of their household. I am also very happy that Parliament wholeheartedly endorsed the paragraph calling, or rather reiterating, its call, for a road Den europeiska jamstalldheten on LGBT rights.

Commissioner, this is a very strong political appeal by this House — a repeated appeal — to the Commission to come forward with proposals for a road map analogous to the gender equality road map.

If we can do it for women, and the European Union has achieved a lot for women and gender equality, we can do it for LGBT people. Finally, I am also surprised and a little bit dismayed at amendments against the unblocking of the horizontal Anti-Discrimination Directive and the calls to give fresh impetus to the talks on maternity and paternity leave. I mean, if you do not want quotas, if you do not want to address the gender pay gap, if you do not want to unblock the horizontal Anti-Discrimination Directive, if you do not want to talk about maternity and paternity leave, then what do people actually want to do for gender equality?

Because it is not going to happen spontaneously, colleagues; it is not going to happen. We have been waiting for decades; now is the time to act.

They are under-represented "Den europeiska jamstalldheten" nominated positions; in the Member States as ministers or in the European Union as Commissioners. And they are also under-represented in the preparation of legislation in the Commission or in administrative and governmental structures at national level.

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That is not good enough. Women are very strongly segregated in political decision-making. Quite often it is men who hold the positions with the economic resources. They are the prime ministers, finance ministers, ministers for economy, trade and so on.

Women are responsible for the tasks to be taken care of with these resources: So there is a very strong and problematic gap, and the question is one of equality and quality. Women have an equal right to be part of decision-making. This is a question of equality. Not because women would take better decisions, Den europeiska jamstalldheten because an organisation of that kind, with variety, different kinds of experiences, education and life experiences, makes better decisions.

Then comes the question: It would mean, and I really hope to Den europeiska jamstalldheten this, the Commission committing itself at European level and encouraging Member States to get involved in discussions with political parties — the starting point for democracy in various fields — Den europeiska jamstalldheten that all the political parties have the kinds of rules, regulations and practices that ensure equal numbers of men and women in their own decision-making and in their own preparations for electoral lists.

If necessary, that should then be ensured by sanction mechanisms, with a sanction fee, or by the way in which financial resources for political parties are used. We have to tackle the electoral lists and we have to do a lot of work at European Union level also. The results of the most recent elections for the President and Vice-Presidents in Parliament itself were not very encouraging and nor is the current situation. We should not be preaching on issues we are not able to deal with ourselves.

And, yes indeed, we have to ensure that there is an environment that helps women participate in politics. That means equal pay; that means social security; that means services for care of the elderly and child care, and other aspects.

I hope and wish that we all, men and women, commit ourselves to making this action programme happen, for a better world for our Den europeiska jamstalldheten. Ich bitte daher wirklich, die Redezeit einzuhalten. Viviane Reding, Vice-President Den europeiska jamstalldheten the Commission.

The Commission has put on the table many initiatives to fight inequalities. I shall just quote some of them: Men almost tap this ceiling, but women are lagging behind hugely, most of all when women become mothers as they then work much less, whereas when men become fathers they work much more on their jobs, so something in our society is going Den europeiska jamstalldheten here.

This is mirrored in the difference in average pay between men and women. This year we fixed 2 March as European Equal Pay Day, because before that date the average paid to women was not the same as "Den europeiska jamstalldheten" male income. So we cannot continue to act as if this is business as usual because the difference has been maintained and progress is very slow. We also know that we cannot afford in our society and in our companies not to utilise the female talent.

We all know that we are running out of talent in our societies, so we need more than ever for the untapped potential of women to be integrated into our economic world. Parliament has asked me regularly to propose legislation to increase female representation on corporate boards if self-regulatory measures fail.

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If I analyse where this progress has taken place, in three quarters of the Member States matters are at an absolute standstill. So I launched the public consultation — the first ever public consultation by us on this subject, by the way — and we are obliged to have a public consultation before we come out with a proposal.

This public consultation is not about whether we need more women in decision-making at an economic level, but how we should get there. I count on the strong support of Parliament to make further progress. To Den europeiska jamstalldheten further progress also in the political field, because there also participation by women is stagnating and no clear positive trends are being seen, several political parties have discussed the best way to increase participation by women, and six EU countries have introduced binding measures to increase the number of women in politics: The only thing which is growing is the idea that increasing female representation in political decision-making is good for democracy and good for economic prosperity.

We need this strong message because there is a lot of movement in our Member States to get out of the actual situation, but they need to be helped and to Den europeiska jamstalldheten supported. I call on this Parliament tomorrow to help them and to support them. The goal that equal work deserves equal pay, set more than one and a half centuries ago by the protesting female labourers of New York, is still valid today. It is unacceptable that being a woman and being a mother still constitute a disadvantage and a risk poverty factor in 21st century Europe.

Besides the importance — as Commissioner Reding recalled — of the presence of highly qualified women in leading positions in the public and private sector, much more emphasis should also be placed on improving the situation of vulnerable women, such as single mothers or orphan girls, elderly, minority and immigrant women, mothers of large families and those who interrupted their studies because of childbirth, as they are especially exposed to the risk of poverty and multiplied discrimination.

For them the glass ceiling is much thicker Den europeiska jamstalldheten we Den europeiska jamstalldheten think.

Women in ethnic minorities, especially Roma women in Europe, have completely different problems from their male counterparts or the majority of women and find themselves in an especially vulnerable position when it comes to child care and state child-care facilities.

This crisis compels us to take into account, at once and seriously, the economic importance of gender equality because gender-based exclusion is not only unfair — as we always say — but offsets the economy as well.

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Member States and the private sector should be encouraged to integrate gender experts into their crisis management. All the political groups in this Parliament are agreed that, in spite of the programmes set up in the last few years, no real achievement has really been made when it comes to equal opportunities.

Although both of the reports ask questions that address many of the issues — and, as some of them come under the principle of subsidiarity, many colleagues are finding it difficult to agree with them — we in the PPE still believe that the questions raised during the discussions of the two reports are extremely important and should be kept at the top of the European agenda. Me alegro de que muchos de sus contenidos se hayan plasmado en este informe.

A Den europeiska jamstalldheten, muchos hombres cargan con unos estereotipos que les limitan y les amenazan. Esa es la realidad que hay que cambiar, Den europeiska jamstalldheten a ello contribuyen debates e informes como los que vamos a votar en este Pleno.

Las dos son caras de una misma moneda y para eso hay que tener medidas que incentiven obviamente en las dos direcciones. En el otro tema —digamos— controvertido, el tema de las cuotas, estoy a favor. There is much in the report to give credit for.

There is an equal amount I feel should not be tackled here but Den europeiska jamstalldheten dealt with at Member State level. Forty years on, women in Europe are still struggling for equality in certain areas of life. As a woman I believe women have the right to real choices in their lives. As a Conservative politician I have a duty to work towards this objective.

I strongly support the calls in this report to put a stop to domestic violence and other crimes against women, including forced marriages and female genital mutilation.

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On the matter of forced marriages I am proud that my government in the UK is looking to criminalise this cruel practice but I do not believe that legislative quotas and rules on maternity leave should be made at EU level. Leave this to the individual Member States who know their men and women best. With reference to the report on women in politics, I will be honest and open about the fact that induring the European elections, the leader of my party imposed temporary, positive measures to Den europeiska jamstalldheten and help women become MEPs.

This experience taught me that positive measures work best when they are implemented at Member State level and on a temporary basis. The EU is not the right Den europeiska jamstalldheten to be making permanent legislation on quotas for our political parties, businesses or any other sector for that matter.

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Es hat in den vergangenen Jahren kaum abgenommen. In einigen Mitgliedstaaten steigt es sogar an. Madame la Commissaire, nous avons pris avec plaisir connaissance de votre rapport. Donc, oui, changeons de rythme, donnons-nous les moyens, surtout que les textes existent. We have held discussions in this house on gender equality, made calls and supporting declarations and initiatives, but as yet there have been no definitive and "Den europeiska jamstalldheten" actions.

I am therefore turning to you, Madam Commissioner, to tell you that you have a majority in this House waiting for concrete proposals which would allow us to deliver on gender equality and the fundamental principles of the European Union. These issues resonate even more loudly in these times of "Den europeiska jamstalldheten" crisis, which particularly affect women and actually increase existing inequalities.

Can we still accept in that on average women have to work two more months per year to receive the same salary as men?

As you said, Commissioner, we have gained just one day since last year; at that rate, we will have to wait 60 years to achieve equality between men and women. None of us Den europeiska jamstalldheten can rationally explain to our citizens the persistence of the existing gender pay gap.

If progress is not being made at national level it is the responsibility of the European Union to act — notably with a legislative proposal — in order to guarantee equality for all its citizens: This is actually the logic of the subsidiarity principle, not the other way around.

If Member States are failing to guarantee fundamental rights for all, the issue has to be addressed and tackled at European level. The same principle should also apply to our combating of gender-based violence, which is also an issue closely linked to the economic independence — or rather, dependence — of women. Fördraget för Europeiska Unionens funktionssätt, första delen, avdelning II. säkerställa eller främja jämställdhet som kommunen skulle haft om den själv hade.

(Swedish)Independent thesis Advanced level Den europeiska jamstalldheten of Master (One Year )), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis. Jämställdheten mellan kvinnor och män i Europeiska unionen -.

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