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Johansson vill minska makten


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En kritisk analys av myndigheters Johansson vill minska makten i barnahus. Law, power and institutional change. A critical analysis of public agencies' collaboration in Barnahus. Department of Sociology of Law. Lund Studies in Sociology of Law.

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In English The overarching objective of the dissertation is to study inter-organisational collaboration processes and their associated consequences in a critical manner, with particular emphasis on the importance of law and power. The analysis of the empirical material, reflecting collaboration in the context of Barnahus on six locations in Sweden collaboration under one roof regarding investigations of suspected crimes against childrenhas been undertaken in two stages: Different theoretical perspectives, research methods as well as various empirical materials have been combined in the re-analysis, in order to achieve an in-depth and composite understanding of collaboration that elucidates its complexity and different dimensions.

To this end, I have developed and applied a theoretical grounded analytical model in my study, which combines institutional perspectives with perspectives and concepts from the sociology of law and Johansson vill minska makten theories of power that together illustrate different levels and dimensions.

The analysis shows that the institutionalisation processes include both patterns and variations, i. Content and results of collaboration become dependent on the negotiations and power games that emerge among the collaborative actors based on their respective institutional logics. In relation to the collaboration in Barnahus, the tension between the criminal law oriented and the treatment oriented logics comprises the most central one. The analysis has shown how the criminal law logic has gained the priority right of interpretation at the expense of the treatment logic, and also how those collaborative actors, who, in institutional terms, are a part of the treatment logic, have, to a greater extent, adopted a Johansson vill minska makten law oriented logic because of their collaboration in Barnahus than vice versa.

I Johansson vill minska makten thus noted a general process of juridification, as an institutional change resulting from collaboration, which includes a norm and responsibility shift away from a treatment logic and towards a criminal law logic, which also entails a substantive focus on what has been ex post rather than on what will follow ex ante.

Therefore, in the light of the analysis, there is a risk that the holistic perspective, which based on the collaborative idea is expected to grow actually in practice will diminish through collaboration. The analysis has cast light on how law becomes part of power and vice versa, and Johansson vill minska makten the forms of power that are actualised in the collaboration assume both clear and diffuse guises that are shaped in an interplay between structure- and actor-oriented power.

In the light of the fact that law in a collaborative context contributes to tensions, normative conflicts and dilemmas for the collaborative practice, it also contributes Johansson vill minska makten an uncertainty that characterises the interaction processes and the negotiations that take shape.

In negotiations and interaction the law is interpreted according to different logics and acquires its content depending on the forms of power that are actualised and realised in collaboration.

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Disputation Defence date Defence place Universitetshuset salParadisgatan 2, Lund. Opponent Roine Johansson professor.


Keywords Topic Law and Society. 1 dag sedan Och vi vill ge dig kunskap så att du får makt över dina egna tankar och åsikter och Värnamo Årets Lucia i Värnamo heter Mathilda Johansson.

pen jämställdhet och makt samt vilka värdepremisser som. liga förvärvsarbetstid minskat betydligt medan exempelvis de. Översättning: Birgitta Johansson. Sverigedemokraterna vill sänka bensinpriset med Johansson vill minska makten öre per liter vid. Åkesson vill verkligen ha makt att lägga ner P3 och sparka kanalens.

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