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Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014


Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Silence after the Explosion Plate 19 Dance movements during Heartbeat: Silence after the Explosion Plate 20 Scene from Heartbeat: Silence after the Explosion Plate 21 Another scene from Heartbeat: Haroon Noori Memory Box Initiative director: Silence after the Explosion Azdar Theatre; director: Taliban Infinite Incompleteness director: Corinne Jaber with brief mention of: Tony Kushner The Great Game: Afghanistan Tricycle Theatre; director: David Greig with brief mention of: Abi Morgan On the Side of the Angels playwright: These two products laid the basic premise that images and ideas about Afghanistan have been circulated and commodified worldwide, especially qualities of the exotic, oppressed, and weak.

Since print photography and literary works belong to the culture industry, this research seeks to enquire if performing arts, more specifically theatre, projected Afghanistan in similar ways. Borrowing the circuit of culture model from Stuart Hall and Paul du Gay, this research then examines ten specific theatre performances within Afghanistan and outside Afghanistan in a spatio-temporal framework illustrating dynamic tensions from, and beyond, Kabul.

Case studies from Kabul illustrate that Afghan cultures can be owned and regulated by competing stakeholders, including the Taliban, within its geopolitical boundaries. This thesis argues that projective closure — the "Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014" of filling in absences and gaps to make sense of an Afghan narrative — often circulates and entrenches Afghans in victimhood tropes.

Derek Gregory was right to observe in The Colonial Present that Afghanistan has been an object of international geopolitical manoeuvrings since the nineteenth century, and, as this thesis will show, even early twenty-first century. As such, the value that is being demanded and supplied in the global culture industry is Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014 victimhood.

Copies of this thesis, either in full or in extracts and whether in hard or electronic copy, may be made only in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Acts as amended and regulations issued under it or, where appropriate, in accordance with licensing agreements which the University has from time to time.

This page must form part of any such copies made.

RS phase (from ): Resolute...

He invited me to Kabul in Admittedly, my fear-ridden entry into a foreign culture was quickly allayed with his hospitality and generosity, for which I am most grateful. It was there that I saw a number of NGOs who were using theatre and the arts.

Slowly, I was introduced to other Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners who were working in Afghanistan, and contacts started to snowball. The following year, I took on a project in Kabul and lived there for five months — to soak in the culture through the pores of my veins, as my academic supervisor had advised me — and made more Afghan friends who warmed up to me.

Over these few years, I conducted many interviews, but only some are featured in the final dissertation. I am also very grateful to Edmund Aspbury, Mehrdad Rayani Makhsous, Arash Isapour, and Tomohiro Kurita who helped me with translations and interpreted for me during my interviews.

There are so many more people I have to thank, friends who have comforted me, and strangers who have opened their hearts to me. I hold you dear to my heart. I am most indebted to Professor James Thompson, my academic supervisor, who has been there for me throughout Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014 five years, including my gap year. His kindness and openness supported me through some very difficult times. Together with Dr Jenny Hughes, my other supervisor, they challenged me in ways that sharpened my critical voice and academic rigour.

I would also like to thank my examiners, Professor Stephen Bottoms and Professor Helen Nicholson Royal Hollowayfor their invaluable input and feedback. With my utmost respect and appreciation, I finally dedicate this PhD to my mother, Dorothy, whose continued love and support made this impossible dream Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014 a reality.

Lost her to a fate most Afghans considered far worse than death: She ran off with a clan of traveling singers and dancers.

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Running off suggests a disintegration of the family, but being an artist in Afghanistan seems to connote pejorative meanings: How and why are these representations and meanings negatively construed? What is the relationship between performing arts and Afghan cultures? What consequences might these representations have? In reality, a notable number of playwrights, directors, filmmakers and actors had been given death threats and were forced to leave the country. This thesis therefore aims to identify the social representations of Afghan identities and cultures; investigate the relationships between Afghan theatres and the wider society, as well as the contexts with violence; and analyse the local and global circulations of these representations.

Background and Research Question Before outlining the objectives of this research study, it would be useful to contextualise the history of this project and, by so doing, comment on my own position as a researcher.

Since then, I have utilised all forms of dramatic engagement, or applied theatre, in schools, psychiatric hospitals, communities, and prisons Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014 Singapore and New York. I wanted to extend my repertoire of applied theatre work now into conflict zones and to work with Afghan children in a refugee camp as part of my doctoral dissertation.

I wanted to go into an area that required the Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014 therapeutic need and use the arts as an interventionist tool for emancipation and social change — a humanistic and redemptionist position I was not fully critical of. As expected, my doctoral research project evolved. The more important question was raised with regards to the ethical repercussions of my initial proposal Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014 intention.

What am I really doing with Afghan children refugees, and why would I assume that they are oppressed and needed emancipation? I was supposed to be the project manager of a radio programme with Afghan actors. I felt it was my only avenue to get into the circle of theatre practitioners, so I took up that job. At that time, I was also writing up funding proposals to bid for projects and was surprised to find Request for Proposals asking for forum theatre to be implemented.

My one-year-stay in Kabul was cut short by seven months due to security risks. Since my return, I have stepped back to re-evaluate my position as a researcher within applied theatre, especially in conflict zones, by asking difficult questions on the ethics of theatrical practices, the engagement and social change that practitioners in the field profess and promulgate see Thompson, ; Kerr, ; Burvill, ; Gallagher, ; McDonnell, It is also at this stage in my critical questionings that made me interrogate the efficacy and ramifications of drama in culturally-specific contexts, including the adoption of theatrical forms by non- theatre practitioners in a conflict zone.

I decided then to analyse Afghan performances with some ethical distance. A better way of distancing myself from my previous applied theatre training is to, therefore, situate the study through a different lens with a research question on the social representation of Afghan theatres and Afghan identities. This marks my first leap into, and contribution to, the field of Performance Studies.

Afghan theatres since 9/ from...

At other times, I seek to make sense of lingering effects that can partially be part of my consumption, or part of my projection, but in the entire process, I seek to create new knowledge on Afghan cultural phenomena. Theoretically, this thesis takes the main points of inspiration and departure from Peggy Phelan, a performance theorist.

These will also be juxtaposed with the politics and economics of the culture industry inside and outside Afghanistan which have contributed to the production and consumption of violence — both real and imagined — to, of, and by Afghan peoples. This is where this thesis takes the second inspiration from — cultural studies. I will then examine ten theatre performances. Objectives, Framework, and Definitions This research study is motivated by two objectives.

Operationally, this thesis seeks to fill a literature gap. Cultural development see, for example, Barfield,on the other hand, has been severely under-researched not just because Afghan scholars had left the country since the Soviet invasions forty years ago Monsutti,p.

On one hand, this piece of research sets out to examine the impact protracted conflicts had, and still have, on the arts and cultural practices today in Afghanistan by a three-pronged process of identification, mapping, and understanding. The question to be asked is: The second operational research objective is archival. I want to trace and map out certain arts practices within this period of research in an attempt to describe and archive the work that is being done in and outside Afghanistan, to offer an alternative reality to people outside the country that the arts, however invisible they are, do exist in Afghanistan.

But even within the existing infrastructure, a disparity can be observed where some organisations are fully Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014 by international donors, while others enjoy none of these privileges and suffer a closure of their operations. For that matter, local Afghans may also Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014 from this research archival on the existing cultural practices today, which may not be sustainable tomorrow.

In terms of structure, Chapter 1 first establishes the purpose Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014 this project, and then familiarises the reader with definitions of terminology and theoretical frameworks that underpin this study. Following that, I will provide a literature review and describe the methodology to frame how this piece of research is done. Chapter 2 seeks to contextualise Afghanistan through a cultural and historical perspective.

Afterthese negative representations are repeated. But I will discuss these representations in various social, political, economic, academic, religious, institutional and personal-ethnographic contexts, both locally and globally. These are meta-categories that illustrate the dynamic nature and mobility of the commodification and circulation of cultures across countries. In other words, there is a dangerous colonial possibility of non-Afghans speaking for, and on behalf of, the Afghan.

Throughout the thesis, references will be made to Afghan identity, Afghan culture, representation, production, and consumption. Next, I will define some of these terms and theoretical concepts before going on to contextualise the arguments that follow. In his later work in The Use of PleasureFoucault recognises that the Law cannot discipline, regulate, or produce the subject without first eliciting a response from the subject.

Therefore, identity, as Hall explains, refers to: Identities are thus points of temporary attachment to the subject positions which discursive practices construct for us ibid.

Basically, there are Afghan identities that are produced, consumed, regulated, and represented along the circuit. Continuing with his theoretical exposition, Hall characterises identity as a concept that is never unified.

But because identities are constituted within — rather than outside — discursive representation, it is possible to trace the fragments of Afghan identities through motifs and tropes over a period of time. He summarises it succinctly: What does it mean to perform a piece of Afghan theatre?

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What, and how, meanings are being shared and distributed, and to whom? As will be Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014, tropes of victimhood and redemption are particularly dominant, and in producing the former, the market requires that others intervene to help the victim.

Because groups of consumers also identify themselves with this object, this articulates production and consumption as two important nodes on the circuit of culture. In summary, there are five nodes on the circuit of culture, each of which contributes to meaning-making.

They are i representation; ii identity; iii production; iv consumption, and iii regulation see Figure 1.

) to perhaps unite Afghans...

This is especially true, I suggest, when audiences write theatre reviews of these productions, which emerge as productive interpretations in the circuit of culture that can then be taken up by other reviewers, practitioners, or academics. In addition, representation in the circuit of culture refers to the form an object takes, together with the meanings already encoded in that form. In this thesis, it can mean the theatrical genre for a particular play, and also the form or tropes that signify an Afghan identity.

Afghanistan fick sin första demokratiska författning och genomförde relativt demokratiska val och I oktober genomfördes presidentval, då Hamid Karzai utsågs till president. År omvaldes Karzai för Det Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014 presidentvalet,fick göras i två omgångar. Abdullah.

) to perhaps unite Afghans by nationality instead. In addition, non- striped costume that resembled former President Karzai's trademark robe and hat. (ibid.), which Homebody's role as a perverse lover returns again when she interrupts her own imagination by of Afghanistan. Val Harris, reviewer for The Good. No one knows who will govern a post-Karzai Afghanistan or what role, if any, the Taliban will. Collins argues are preparing for a “coming Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014 spillover” of con ict, Afghanistan as a distant Asian friend—will still have some validity.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai announces...


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RS phase from Afghan National Certainty Forces: The Do battle in Afghanistan or the U. The war's public aims were to dismantle al-Qaeda and to deny it a safe base of operations in Afghanistan by removing the Taliban from virtue. Following the September 11 attacks in on the U. Bush blamed on Osama bin Laden who was living or hiding in Afghanistan, President Bush demanded that the Taliban hand over Osama bin Laden and expel al-Qaeda ; bin Laden had already anachronistic wanted by the U.

At the Bonn Conference the same month, Hamid Karzai was selected to head the Afghan Interim Dispensation , which after a loya jirga grand assembly in Kabul became the Afghan Transitional Regulation. In the in vogue elections of Constitution, Karzai was elected president of the country, now named the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

She is an outspoken critic of the Karzai administration and its western supporters, particularly the Joint States. Her suspension in May has generated protest internationally and appeals for her reinstatement oblige been signed by high-profile writers, intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky , and politicians including Branchs of Parliament from Canada Official, Germany , the United Province , Italy , and Spain.

In , Time magazine placed Malalai Joya on their annual list of the most significant people in the world. Joya was born on April 25, , in the Farah Thing , in western Afghanistan. Her father was a former medical student who lost a trip the light fantastic toe while fighting in the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

She got involved in humanitarian work while in eighth grade. When I started working amongst our community, especially women, it was so enjoyable for me. I practised a lot from them, nonetheless though they were not scholarly. Before I started, I yearning to tell you, I didn't know anything about politics. I learned from people who were non-educated, non-political people who belonged to a political situation.

I worked with different committees in the refugee camps. I reminisce over that in every house that I went everyone had clashing stories of suffering. I keep in mind one family we met. Their baby was just skin and bones.

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Karzai lovar val i afghanistan 2014

LADS: Do you mind it when a girl/your gf wears hair extensions? Afghanistan fick sin första demokratiska författning och genomförde relativt demokratiska val och I oktober genomfördes presidentval, då Hamid Karzai utsågs till president. År omvaldes Karzai för Det senaste presidentvalet, , fick göras i två omgångar. Abdullah. RS phase (from ): Resolute Support · United States · Italy · Germany · Georgia · Turkey .. In the popular elections of , Karzai was elected president of the country, now named the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In May , the United States announced that its major combat operations would end in December..

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